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  1. Hi, I randomly came across this forum and a thread you participated in, in 2006 regarding the texts of the Nag Hammadi Library.

    The insight you provided on the matter was a joy to read due to the way you conducted yourself with provocation in the midst. Very respectable.

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    Look, I understand that you and I don't agree on a lot of stuff. I get that, and I even like it to an extent. Debate is healthy, and fun. I find you usually bring a good challenge, and I'm grateful for that.

    But when it's passive-aggressively carried over through what is notionally a compliment system, well, it takes the piss right out of it.

    Sorry if I came across like a whiny bitch about it, but it kind of irked me, however irrational that may seem. I hope we're cool.
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    Haha yeah, I'm not good at much else
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    Yeah.... I overestimated my rep power by just a little. oh, well. Next one you get should push you over
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    How goes the pursuit of $?
  6. I think that's part of it...I mean if someone submits the premise that the Bible is Word of God, and then concludes God exists...well then where's the debate? That's just general of the top of my head example, but the premises are much less explicit, so much so that they become smuggled without intent. But I think the other part is that I want to learn....I don't mind being wrong - in fact I think being showed how one is wrong is a great way to grow. I learned a lot when I first started ODN, especially from the likes of nanderson and zhavric...but now it just seems like everything written falls to blind eyes. I know that I am guilty just as well...but I also know that I concede when appropriate.

    Perhaps ODN needs a concession rule?? Just a thought.

    BTW: I got scared when you challenged me to a duel...no really, I did.
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    "But often times we look to these venues to advance our ideas, not towards other people, but internally for ourselves (speaking personally of course), and I have found ODN isn't getting me to the next level, whatever level that may be."

    And I challenge you to a DUEL!

    Not really. I have a hard time, coming from somewhere out in most people's "left field" getting them to argue the consistency of my conclusions with MY premises, rather than the consistency of my conclusions with THEIR premises. That sounds like what you're looking for.
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    I was freaking out. I even wrote to you in my "why I changed this post" message...
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    I just wanted to get that out there before you replied. Sorry about that. I was super-sloppy. :(
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    I totally messed up the formatting in that post where I quoted you... The not answering directly was directed at the person you were quoting, not you!!
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