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    For the record, I'm in the middle of other things at the moment. I'll thank you for being patient enough to wait for my ACTUAL response rather than assuming what my response will be and arguing against that... Unless your purpose here isn't really to have this discussion with me, but rather with yourself. I'd be happy to step aside and let you continue. Just let me know.
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    Dude, my rep is like 230,000. What is your actual number? You still are a whole goddamn gold star above me, that means you had to have broken 300,000. Your reputation "Glows in the dark", but in this case, it actually does it in real life. Jesus.
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    You're probably right.
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    I was 14 when I shed my beliefs regarding christianity.
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    Re: camping.

    Where do you live?

    Personally, I have tents from kifaru. Www.kifaru.net

    They are the best value. Priced many times more than most tents, kifarus outlast them all. They have no floors which is great with kids who spill food and drink. Its also great if a little boy wakes up and can't make it outside to pee. They also have packable stoves.

    Ground sheets, good sleeping pads and bags are critical for comfort. Propane stove, and having food your kids like. I like mountain house brand dehydrated meals and so do my kids.

    You need to keep kids well-fed, dry and warm...and busily occupied or they'll hate it. For little kids, cane poles, no. 10 wire hooks, wax worms and a pond with lots of little fish that keep the bobber moving is all most kids need. Make sure the kids wear eye protection, and buy a hemostat for unhooking little fish and crimping down barbs so getting a hook out of a kids finger is simple and not traumatic.

    Pm me if you have more ?
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    Does that mean that after you just had this big long discussion with evensaul on this very matter you're unwilling to take on the [not much of a] challenge???
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    This is like right up your alley. http://www.onlinedebate.net/forums/s...222#post467222
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    Yeah, I find half a dozen or so of those a week.
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    I swear I'm not an apologist, no matter how it comes out on this forum... Or the fact that I NEVER discuss religion on facebook... I don't know why I spare facebook folks... They never worry about posting their "god works in mysterious ways" bull. Why shouldn't I post atheist stuff? I don't hesitate to post political stuff......... I think I feel an announcement coming on (on my facebook).
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    Answer to your last thread in the religious forum: No.

    Topic resolved. Thread concluded.
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