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    Well hi there stranger.. How's things going? Things are the best right now for me. I have been totally screwed over by my ex best friend. We were in a wreck and since I had a concussion and was intoxicated I did not know what I was doing so I let her talk me into telling the cops that I was the driver because she is on probation and already has 2 strikes against her. She was suppose to go to court with me to own up to her driving and pay all my fees and fines which she did not do. So I am fighting the DUI charge in court. Trial starts July 25th. so that's what's been going on with me.. How bout you?
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    Thanks, GL with school. I just started a new venture cleaning out repo-homes. When people move out, I have to go behind them and throw away all of their junk they leave. Should make some good money
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    Sweet, what are you going to go for? The wife and I plan to both go to college after the kids are all gone. Probably a bible college, or maybe both take psychology. Right now, enjoy seeing the world as much as you can. My wife would be so jealous, she would love to move around.
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    Grad school for physics, which will possibly allow for a professorship later.
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    Well, I'm in grad school in a couple of months, and then I might reapply to see if I can get in somewhere better next next, who knows. Other than that, drinking, Cheers!

    I haven't seen House in a few months. I've been trying to catch up, but it's hard to find episodes online, and I missed all of them off-air.
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    Congrats on your move, my wife would be so Jealous... she wants to move too.
    We aren't building anything right now. We just finished buying a 6 unit rental. They have some older units in it, so we have to fix those up some.
    work is slow right now regarding my construction job. I have been doing a lot of side line work. .. I make good money doing it, it just isn't as regular.
    We feel change coming, something big. we feel like we are on the verge of success, but you couldn't tell by looking at our outside situation.
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    geez! It has been a little while Good to read you again. I know ODN doesn't often gain the grace of your presence.

    First, of course we are not rabbits, we are mathematicians (they multiply too).
    Second, everyone is doing well. Kids are growing like crazy. My youngest (for the moment) Mariana, is a little copy-cat. Unfortunately, that applies to the dog as well. I caught her the other day drinking from the dog bowl. Also, I was late returning home from work, and she went to the door and stood there calling my name until I came back.... well, not the whole time, but she kept going back to the front door. As though calling me one more time would help. .. Maybe she picked that up from the dog too. I like to think she is just stuck on me

    How have you been? What have you guys been up to?
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    Hey, Belle, thanks. How's life going?
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    Apparently I posted the following message to Dio instead of you.
    They are growing.. we have a 4th child now. (Not sure if you knew that). Mariana, she is cutting teeth now and doing very well. The other kids are all good. Bethany is growing up too fast. She is showing signs of an attitude that will be real "fun" once she becomes a teenager. Abigail is still the sweetest thing you ever saw, and John is growing and getting smarter every day.
    Work is O.K. for now, but I have some concerns about the economy and how it will effect us. I am trying to land another "big" real-estate deal. IF I can, then it will be a big step for us.
    Wife is doing well, and for some reason is still madly in love with me.

    So, all in all, we are doing very well. O the wife has set it in her mind that she wants to be a Sign language translator, so she has stepped up her studies on that. That would be an interesting development.. her working.. me staying home (Translators could make more money than me)
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    Hey, lame-o. I am bored, and really sick. I feel twice today with 200+lbs of chairs tumbling on top of me. It was a loonnnggg day. I was going to call in sick but they would not let me. So I have decided after I master music theory I want to play the trumpet. It looks like it would be a lot of fun. Whats new with you?
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