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    227,000. That's just sick, dude. I am shamed in your shadow.

    Yea... Dio's rep > God + Pure Win.
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    Three gold rep stars? Jesus, dude.
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    Modus tollens is "P => Q. ~Q, therefore ~P." I think the fallacy he's committing is "denying the antecedent" or "inverse fallacy".
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    So as I understand that theory the value of a product is proportional to the labor involved in its production? But that is as I understand Socialist economics is the only factor effecting value. Am I wrong in this assumption?
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    Hey quick question for you. What are the sources of value in the socialist economic model? IE what are the inputs that increase a product's value?
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    Yeah, I replied to it but my internet cut out. I will get to it again. (Probably tomorrow)
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    Oh, I dunno, on the discussion thread I guess, cheers for reading it
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    I thought it might be something of an interesting diversion to you, so would you like to judge a debate between RabbiDak and I? It's going to be a fairly simplistic debate, which means not so laborious for the judges.

    The debate will be about Oral Torah, or the Talmud. Now, I thought you either think "hell, why not?" or "no that would be boring." So yay or nay, GP?
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    hiya, just letting you know you mailbox is full, and also what I was gonna say which is the FD has finished.
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About GoldPhoenix
I'm a PhD student in theoretical physics. I got my dual bachelors degree in mathematics and physics with a minor in philosophy in 2011. I do research mainly in quantum field theory and it's application to particle astrophysics.

I enjoy cooking food. I like food, pretty much of any kind.

Oh, and I'm a leftist atheist.
Physics, mathematics, and logic.
Graduate physics student and researcher.
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Far to the left.


"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." --Voltaire


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