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  1. Unfortunately this place seems rather dead.
  2. It's been a long time since I last used this website, but I'm thinking about giving it a try again. I believe that when I left I was supposed to be engaging in some sort of formal debate, so I would like to apologise to anyone who was involved in that.
  3. Don't stress it GP
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    Sorry I haven't PMed you back yet. It's been a busy week for me, too.
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    hey don't sweat the formal debate thread, come back when you can and reply... as life allows. I look forward to you response regardless of the time it takes. Also.. classy for you to inform Squatch. GL.
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    To be clear, I amend prop 12 and onward in post 51.
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    If you like formal logic, you might enjoy this thread of mine from a few years back: http://www.onlinedebate.net/forums/s...istence-of-God

    It addresses the logical inconsistency (and actually provides a literal disproof of his model of God) of Plantinga's Modal Ontological Argument. NOTE: I amended the argument in a later post (Post #51) to reduce the number of axioms (I used more than I needed, and there was a much more concise formulation of the argument).
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    Thank you for the rep. I appreciate your comments, as well. I hope that we can have more of these types of responses, where we add to one another instead of taking away. I know I"m guilty of it myself from time to time, but it's good to be reminded of what this place is really for.
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    And thank you for the rep. I'm very glad to see you took that post in the spirit in which I wrote it. It speaks well of you that you can endure that sort of reply, and then thank the person who wrote it. Much more character on display than I expected, I'm happy to say, Truly admirable.
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