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  1. Replies

    Re: the debate of animal rights

    As for me I am a real defender of animals. And I can't understand people who don't love them or hurt these cute creatures. In my opinion it is necessary to make the law tougher in order to protect...
  2. How is it possible to know about the women's or men's unfaithfulness?

    I am sure that every person who have wife or husband think about the hypothetical chance of unfaithfulness.

    In such situation sometimes it is possible to solve the problem by...
  3. Poll: Re: Should smartphones be used as a classroom learning tool?

    I think smartphones should be used as a learning tool. I am sure that such devices are very much helpful but it is necessary to use them correctly.

    Of course you are right, that students will...
  4. 1-v-1 Debate: Re: People at my church seem to dislike, ignore and try to get away from me, especial

    I should agree with other people from this debate: go and talk to your Pastor. I am sure in fact there is nothing awful in the actions of this girl. You just too much concentrate on her conduct. But...
  5. Replies

    Re: Spanish Bible study sites

    I was really looking for the Bible in Spanish because I have been studying this language. And reading such great book will help me with this purpose a lot because it is the best example of a correct...
  6. Re: Speaking English is hazardous to your health

    It's really a funny idea! I am sure that the author of these jokes has some more ideas for such jests. But at the same time such phrases we can alter so they will get opposite meaning.
  7. Replies

    Re: Abortion - How to Solve the Controversy?

    I am sure it is impossible to solve this issue without any conflict. From one hand it is a bad thing, a murder. But from the other one we can't say that abortion isn't the only way out of the...
  8. Replies

    Re: Free Online Learning

    First of all I'd like to thank you for sharing these links for online learning! And I must add that such resources are really helpful for students and seniors. I like the second one most of all...
  9. Replies

    Sticky: Re: The Da Vinci Code

    This book just awesome! But all novels by Dan Brown are awesome I must admit. And I can't understand why there is so few comments under this topic. The Da Vinci Code was read by me in one day and I...
  10. Thread: Gumbo

    by madflower

    Cooking: Re: Gumbo

    Thank you for sharing this receipt. To be honest I was searching for a full receipt of this dish for a long time. I tasted it during my travelling to Louisiana and after that all Gumbos seemed to me...
  11. Replies

    Poll: Re: The Cold Hard FACT of Evolution

    I can't say that there is a definite answer to this question. But personally I hold the opinion that Evolution is a theory and we are able to explain (not all the phenomena yet) its existence by...
  12. Re: Eternal damnation is inconsistent with a loving and just God

    I must say that your ideas are reasonable indeed. In my opinion people can't believe that all bad things happen to them because of their own evil deeds. If you want to avoid eternal damnation just...
  13. Replies

    Re: Friend at church not giving me rides

    I am sure you have to learn to be more patient or just take this situation easy. Sometimes people don't realize that their actions or words can hurt others. But it is better not to make friends with...
  14. Replies

    Poll: FD Discussion: Re: 1 vs 1 homosexuality w/poll

    In my opinion the Homosexuality/sexuality is more innate thing than a conscious choice. That's why it is a real crime to consider such people poor or foolish. We can't choose parents, genes,...
  15. Thread: Dog Pants

    by madflower

    Re: Dog Pants

    The idea with the Wiktionary's definition is reasonable. I fully agree with this point of view that pants regardless of dogs' they are or for people should be worn on two legs only. So in case of...
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