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Thread: Info and Rules

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    Info and Rules


    Here is our official "Info and Rules" thread. Some of this has been taken from previous discussions about the Film Club (we tried to launch this a few years ago but it fell to the wayside).

    Please read this thread in its entirety to understand how it will be organized and ran. Feel free to ask questions or recommended changes/additions. We are a "fluid" club here.

    I - Membership

    Membership is open to any ODN member in good standing, with an interest in film and discussion about film. All ODN members will be able to view the forum and the discussions however only the Film Club members will be able to participate in discussions.

    Film Club members will be identified by a distinguishing icon in their postbit (the left side of their posts that contains information about each member):

    II - Name of the Club

    We need to name the club.

    In the Can
    Cinema Crew
    Film Fanatics
    Movie Mavens
    The Silver Screen
    The Silver Screen Gang or Society
    Motion Picture Mania

    Any other creative ideas? What do you think of the ones above?

    III - Film Categories

    Action/Adventure: Includes Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Westerns.

    Comedy: Would include everything from Charlie Chaplin to Monty Python to current movies like "Knocked Up".

    War: Separate from Action/Adventure. Such movies would contain classic greats such as "From Here to Eternity" and "The Dirty Dozen" to modern ones such as "Das Boot".

    Animation/Independent/Documentary/Foriegn: Though Animation seems to be kind of the oddball in this group, it was placed it in here because how many times are we going to talk about animated movies.

    Horror/Thriller/Mystery: It's possible for a movie to be both sci-fi and horror, or action and horror. If it presents a problem we'll discuss at the time and make changes to the rules if necessary (if they are affected).

    IV - Film Selection

    Please Note: For the first couple of movie discussions, Apok will decide on which films to be discussed to get the ball rolling and so members can see the types of movies/discussions that we are generally looking for in this club. This isn't intended to be just a group of members watching the same movie at the same time. It is intended to be much more than that. However, I have posted the following policy for when we are ready to leave the "trial period", after all the kinks are worked out. Once we are out of our "trial period", I'll remove this message. Furthermore, there is a possibility (after the "trial period") that we have 2 movies going on at once to allow for more variety and participation. Please see below.

    Since this is a film club, all members should have a voice in the film selection.

    Here is how it works:
    1. Film Nominator is a rotating title from member to member who wish to have a turn at proposing films to view and discuss.
    2. The FN proposes a film, describes it and why it would make for a good review/discussion by the club.
    3. The club votes on the film. If majority accepts, that's the official film for the 2 week period.
    4. If the majority rejects, the FN proposes another film to be reviewed. The FN does not lose his turn at proposing movies.
    • Films to be discussed are those generally not playing in theater, but rather available for rent (a cost issue). Exceptions can be made but must be discussed by the group on an individual film basis.
    • Most people will be using Netflix or Blockbuster. It is important to try to select movies that are easily accessible to most people. As the club expands and evolves, we may start adding more obscure titles to the mix. Perhaps on a separate schedule than the more "mainstream" films. Until then however, all movies selected should be made available on both Netlifx.com and BlockBuster.com.
    • On occasion, we may do a "comparison" discussion. This involves comparing two similar movies...perhaps an original vs remake, or one view vs another (Platoon vs Thin Red Line). Comparison discussions will take place within a single 2-week time window, like a normal movie review.
    V - Schedule

    The rotating film schedule allows for 2 films to be watched and discussed in single month. The discussion for the film begins approximately on the 1st and 15th of each month. A schedule for upcoming film discussions will be made available at least 1 month in advance.

    We will be using a custom Film Calendar found here at ODN. This can be found via the Calendar link on the site, then in the bottom right corner, select "Film Club" from the dropdown menu.

    • Discussions for each film have no time limit. They could last a couple days, they could last a couple months (just like our debate discussions).
    • The movie's plot summary will be posted in the Calendar as well as its link in The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
    • If you like, you can even set a reminder for the event by using the same calendar (see the link for this feature in the upper right of the calendar itself).
    VI - Discussion of the Film

    Discussions threads can be started on the first day of the film's schedule review time (the 1st and 15th of the month).

    These discussions are open to just about anything the members wish to contribute or discuss. This may be discussing the videography, acting, directing, settings, costume and designs, etc... or perhaps a more philosophical discussion about its meaning, hidden nuances and significance, the creator's message, the impact it will have on viewers, etc...

    It's entirely open, but I prefer to have at least some philosophical discussion going on about the film (it just isn't a requirement as of yet). We'll see how the discussions go in our first few films and adjust the policy accordingly.

    VI - Policy Amendments

    This policy is a fluid policy. It will be amended by not only ODN staff, but also by the Film Club's members as needed. If you have suggestions or recommendations, please post them in this thread.
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    Re: Info and Rules

    Thank you admintrator



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