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    Republican Fratracide?

    All this hatred for John McCain by Republicans. Have any of you noticed this trend in recent days? Yes, McCain haters always existed, especially since last summer, but now he's about to clinch the Republican nomination. Unless God or some supernatural force intervenes, John McCain will likely represent the Republican Party in November.

    But listen to what conservative Republicans are saying.

    Ann Coulter pledges to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Rush Limbaugh predicts the end of the Republican Party if McCain wins the nomination.

    Hugh Hewitt (another radio host) practically calls McCain a traitor for supporting the "amnesty" bill.

    Here at ODN Publius Infini openly challenges his patriotism. McCain's patriotism! The man rotted in a Vietnamese cage for years, suffering unspeakable torture and he's not an American!

    Are there any Republicans or independents here that feel that maybe this is going a little overboard? Don't get me wrong, I'm thoroughly enjoying the specter of Republicans eating their own, but I can't quite believe it. Is it just the shock of a McCain nomination speaking and all will return to normal after the convention? Or is this something deeper, something that may keep large segments of the conservative base home on Election Day in November and allow Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to become President of the United States with even larger Democratic congressional majorities behind them?

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    Re: Republican Fratracide?

    I do think that Rush has a point about the future of the Republican party. If we keep heading down the Big Government, Leftist route that Bush began and McCain promises to continue, then the conservative movement within the Republican party will die.

    But that's just politics and policies. Anyone who questions McCain's patriotism is off his rocker. In case they didn't know:

    In March 1968, McCain was put into solitary confinement, where he would be for two years. In July 1968, McCain’s father was named Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Command (CINCPAC), stationed in Honolulu and commander of all U.S. forces in the Vietnam theater. McCain was immediately offered a chance to return home early: the North Vietnamese wanted a mercy-showing propaganda coup for the outside world, and a message that only privilege mattered that they could use against the other POWs. McCain turned down the offer of repatriation due to the Code of Conduct of “first in, first out”: he would only accept the offer if every man taken in before him was released as well. McCain’s refusal to be released was even remarked upon by North Vietnamese officials to U.S. envoy Averell Harriman at the ongoing Paris Peace Talks.
    Politically and economically, I oppose McCain. But he is a genuine American war hero, who has done more than enough for his country to have the right to not have his patriotism called into question.

    Let's not act like the Left, conservatives. We don't have to hate people we disagree with.
    If I am capable of grasping God objectively, I do not believe, but precisely because I cannot do this I must believe. - Soren Kierkegaard
    **** you, I won't do what you tell me


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    Re: Republican Fratracide?

    Quote Originally Posted by CliveStaples View Post
    Let's not act like the Left, conservatives. We don't have to hate people we disagree with.
    You don't have to hate someone in order to not vote for them - just vote for someone else.

    I see hate from both side of the spectrum and not just from the left.
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