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    Terrorism from a kid's view

    I was just reading a discussion for my Intro to Criminal Justice class where a fellow student was wondering about how to talk to her 4 year old daughter about terrorism. The little girl watches the news with her parents every night and doesn't ask a lot of questions, so the lady in my class is a little baffled. I personally feel the best approach is quite similar to that taken for potty training: wait until they're ready. But with all the attention terrorism has gotten in recent years and will likely continue to get, I'm thinking I may be wrong. She linked to this site for further information. What do people here think? Should we be teaching our children about the ways of terrorism? How young is too young? When should they know these things?
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    Re: Terrorism from a kid's view

    Anyone see the HBO special, Death in Gazy? It's a documentary that follows 3 children around, in the middle of the chaso between Israel and the Palestinians. The kids show us how to make homemade grenades/bombs, how they are recruited by terrorist groups, and how they learn in school, that those in the west want to kill Palestinian children (among many other things).

    Pretty interesting stuff, highly recommend it.
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    Re: Terrorism from a kid's view

    I think it all depends on the child. Any time after you believe they will understand what you are talking about is a good time.
    Sometimes the best lessons learned are the ones that make you bleed.

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    Re: Terrorism from a kid's view

    Quote Originally Posted by mrs_innocent
    What do people here think? Should we be teaching our children about the ways of terrorism? How young is too young? When should they know these things?
    It depends on the kid.....

    However to keep things in persepctive, one must keep in mind that wheter it is terrorism, murder, rape, genocide, insanity, torture.....whatever.....All manner of bad things have been happening thorughout the history of the human experience. There is no evil or wrong that is new...only the day, technology and terminology is different.

    Before I began explaining anything to my kids about war and terrorism in our modern day...I made sure they had a good grounding in the Old Testament (Children's versions Of course)...In the OT we find all manner of tragedies. By first explaining the forces behind these events in ancient human history...I was better able to explain how those same forces are at work today...good, evil, compassion, aggression...It's all there in the OT...By first exposing a child to these concepts in the context of ancient history with a moral lesson, I think they have been better able to cope....I do though greatly limit their exposure to TV news and even the Newspaper.....

    I have a very compassionate son who suffers horrible migraines.....when he heard of the schoolchildren being taken hostage in Russia, he suffered horrible migraines for 3 days...we have a number of Eastern Eurpean Immigrants in our Church...He very much identified with the child vistims as kids he might have actually known or even been but for the Grace of God...He also just experienced the death of his grandfather (my father) ....and many of the victims are Orthodox Christians like us...he is only 9 but he knew all this and he felt very badly....and of course worried about it happening here. He prayed a lot and that actually helped his migraines....



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