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    Re: Are Bond Girls Used For Sex Symbols Only?

    Quote Originally Posted by creamcake View Post
    Thanks for replying!

    But don't you think it does portray people's perceptions of women in real life? That they are helpless and need a man to save them? Certainly in Dr No and From Russia With Love, the women are completely besotted and controlled by Bond and so perhaps this is similar to the way women are seen in society, as damsels in distress!

    okay, you dragged me in here. I have "left" ODN. But, I see James Bond, and just can't help myself. I adore the whole James Bond pop culture, and have read all the books.

    Dr. No....Bond Girl: HoneyChild.
    In the movie, she is portrayed as someone a bit weak, dependant on Bond. In the book, she is independant, living on her own since childhood. When raped by a landlord, she puts a scorpion in his bed, and kills him. She has no remorse. This would indicate, a strong willed, hard woman. Later, in the book, Dr. No chains her to the ground and lets crabs come. Hoping they will eat her alive. She has lived with the wild for years, and knows that crabs will not eat/bite a human unless there is a wound for them to start at. She lays still, letting the hundreds of crabs crawl over her. This shows intelligence, and bravery.

    From Russia with Love....Bond Girl: Tatiana Romanova.
    Tatiana is started off in the book as a working woman, a military woman. She serves Mother Russia with dedication. She takes her work very seriously and is a complete professional. Later, when faced with the mission of seducing Bond, you see a part of her that is reluctant to "whore" herself out....but, her sense of duty overrides any reluctantness she has. She is strong, determined, dedicated. Later, she takes a stand against Russia, and against Bunt. She is brave.

    These things were left out of the films, but, this is how Ian Fleming wrote his women. The movies sometimes portrays them as one sided, because there just isn't time to delve deeper into a secondary character. Fleming, took his time, and really gave his characters a persona, a history, a story. The real Bond women in the books, are anything but weak. In fact, I can't name one that I would consider weak. Each one has something about them that makes them someone to admire. This makes the female readers able to identify with the women, and gives the male readers something to basically dream about. That why the women has so many facets to them.

    Take one of my favorites..Domino from Thunderball. She is dark, crafty. She has relied on her looks, her charms to get what she wants from men. She is a kept woman, but..smart. She has an amazing imagination, sowed when she tells Bond a story she made up as child. A story telling the life of a man drawn on a cigerette pack. She is brave, taking matters into her own hands, and becoming a spy for Bond. She tried to find the nuclear warheads on the boat of her benefactor. When caught, she was tortured for hours...never giving up information. Finally, she saves Bond's life by shooting her benefactor. This doesn't seem like a weak woman at all.

    This is a perfect example of a Bond Girl. Fleming made her so dimensional, with so many layers. You really get insight to this girl. She is brave, strong willed, secretive, crafty. She is basically everything that Bond himself is...without the gun skill, and with more beauty and sexiness. Fleming made his women unique. They were each strong, and brave, in their own ways. They were each beautiful, sexy. Each one was intelligent. They held their own. Not one was weak. What woman doesn't want to be like that? What man doesn't want that in his bed?
    I can only be who He allows me to be, I can only stand where He places me. 1Peter 5:6
    The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything. ---Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Re: Are Bond Girls Used For Sex Symbols Only?

    Quote Originally Posted by creamcake View Post
    Are Bond girls used simply for the 'male gaze'? Is it fair to use women in this way in such a famous series of films? I don't think it portrays a true representation of women in real-life, but perhaps this has changed over the years, from the early Bond films to present. What do you think?
    Well, they certainly aren't there for their acting ability. (At least, not in the one's before Daniel Craig, and even so, that Asian chick served ZERO purpose in that movie)
    "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." --Voltaire


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