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Thread: Global warming.

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    Re: Global warming.

    Quote Originally Posted by ladykrimson View Post
    As of 2015, there were over 18,000 desalinization plants active in the world, so we are already using the technology. Unfortunately, desalinization is not very cost effective, and can be harmful to the environment.
    Like any technology, desalination will progress if it is a priority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladykrimson View Post
    Yes, I knew that about New York. It's fascinating, isn't it? To look at a place and know that it was drastically different at one time?
    Yes it is fascinating, but my point was the coastlines of the world have changed by hundreds of miles as glaciers expand and retreat (prior to any possible human intervention).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladykrimson View Post
    Climate models can only be accurate to a point.
    They haven't been accurate at all to date. Virtually all of them have had to reduce their predictions to match current observations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladykrimson View Post
    firstly, we as a species, haven't been monitoring earth's climate long enough to make accurate determinations. Secondly, our climate is so complex, and there are elements at work that we just don't know or understand. Thirdly, much of the data is subject to interpretation, even scientifically. We think we know so much about the climate, but we really know so little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladykrimson View Post
    Here's another issue. We always wait until after something is a problem. We can see that something is already different, and that it is possible that we are contributing. That really should be enough to start taking precautions. We should treat everything on this planet like it is a finite resource, stop pumping garbage into our atmosphere, create modest stockpiles for emergencies, and treat nature with respect. We need to stop being so arrogant.
    While fixing a problem when you are sure of it, is more the human way, this isn't always bad.

    Take the Exxon Valdez. "We" worried about oil on the coast line so huge hot water pressure washers were set up to disperse oil of the beaches. Problem is, the beaches that were "cleaned" in this way became sterile. Beaches that were inaccessible and therefore left alone, showed more resilience.

    The point is, our good intentions sometimes do more harm than good.

    In the case of carbon, the gov't solution is to make a carbon tax. These will be big $$'s and a lot of power with little to show for it if history prevails.
    (by the way that "garbage we are pumping into the atmosphere" plants call FOOD!)

    Certainly humans are doing a terrible job of using earth's resources and many countries look a lot like a "pig pen" but that is a separate issue form climate change and the politics behind "cap and trade schemes".


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