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    Re: Abortions for ANY reasons?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spartacus View Post
    yes at any time.

    A simple Google search shows where one get late term abortions in the US. It is not harder -- as in more difficult to obtain -- rather more advanced medical facilities are required. That is all.

    Completely legal.

    Support or retract. Just giving me a link is link-warz, not support. Where in that site does it say that the legal right to late-term abortions is no different than the legal right to early-term abortions?

    As far as support for my side of this issue:

    The United States Supreme Court decisions on abortion, including Roe v. Wade, allow states to impose more restrictions on post-viability abortions than during the earlier stages of pregnancy.

    As of April 2007, 36 states had bans on late-term abortions that were not facially unconstitutional (i.e. banning all abortions) or enjoined by court order.[16] In addition, the Supreme Court in the case of Gonzales v. Carhart ruled that Congress may ban certain late-term abortion techniques, "both previability and postviability".

    Also, 13 states prohibit abortion after a certain number of weeks' gestation (usually 24 weeks).[16]


    Until you rebut this with actual support, my statement that abortions in later stages are more restricted stands.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spartacus View Post
    And yet you refuse to state exactly when a human is developed enough to not be killed?

    It is a simple questions requiring a simple answer.
    And I've given a simple answer numerous times. Shall I do it again?

    As I said, I support the general state of US law. Easy access to abortion in the early stages of a pregnancy, more restricted access in later stages of pregnancy, very severe restrictions when the fetus is viable, and of course once the baby is born it cannot be legally killed.

    That is your answer! Now, stop asking me to answer a question I've answered numerous times already.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spartacus View Post
    Yet you refuse to give one based on ethics rather than merely laws -- laws which you seem to not fully comprehend.
    I have shown to comprehend them better than you. And I'm not saying I agree with the laws because they are the laws (so I am not presenting a legal argument). I'm just using the laws to show you where my ethical boundaries are - they just so happen to coincide with the law. If the laws were different, then I could not use them to show where my ethics lie.

    I have answered your question numerous times.

    Now either provide a rebuttal or stop responding.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spartacus View Post
    and BTW -- you got me on the semantics issue -- a hazard of posting between doing e-mails in three languages. My apologies.
    Well, I'll give you some kudos for admitting when you are mistaken.



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