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    Bill Thompson

    Looking for War On Terror Propaganda Image

    A long time ago, there was once a forum online that has now gone away. I have no idea why it went away. Perhaps it drew the wrong crowd and they became violent or threatening. It seemed like it was heading down that path.

    It attracted both muslims, conspiracy theorists and patriots. One image that one member had as a signature was very striking to me. Since the forum is no more, I have no idea where I can find it. So I am hoping someone here has seen it or maybe someone here has it.

    Here is what the image looked like. It had a caption that read "Our Way... Their Way". It has an american solder on the left side standing over the "Our Way" part of the caption on the bottom and it had what looked like an islamofacist with an AK-47 sanding on the right over the caption "Their Way". The american solder was standing between the islamofacist militant aiming at him and what looked like an american woman and a child. On the other hand, the islamofacist militant was sheilding himself by using a woman and child in arab dress.

    I would like to get my hands on this drawing. If I cannot find it, I guess I will have to make it myself.

    Thanks to the Way Back Machine, I can pull up archived snap shots of the old website but lots of pages seem to be gone forever http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://...e.infovlad.net

    Maybe the image is somewhere in there burried among all that straw in the proverbial haystack. Want to help me look? Come-on, you were just looking for something to do this weekend.



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