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    Re: Transparency vs Secrecy

    Quote Originally Posted by Gherkin View Post
    To a certain degree, I would agree (under the Constitution). However, these would be secrets that would be responsible to Congress - which many of our secrets today are not. Many agencies operate behind shadowy curtains of national security that even Congressional committees cannot pierce. Executive orders are hidden. CIA operations covered-up. A whole shadow government at Mt. Weather waiting in the wings. Not to mention the CFR running virtually every facet of our top tier government, and nobody looks into how or why. Mind Control experiments on Americans, disease experiments on Americans, it is endless.
    I'd like to cut through the forest here, and get right at the central "tree". You said earlier in this thread:
    "Total transparency is morally superior. Due to this, all secrecy must be removed..."

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    You went on, of course, to suggest that the moral contrast between transparency and secrecy in government was so stark as to require that any governmental activity that necessitated secrecy for there to be any real chance of success, should be banned (scraped, I believe was how you put it).

    Now it seems to me that with that sort of contrast between a transparent governmental activity and a secret governmental activity you're almost suggesting that secrecy is virtually the moral opposite of transparency; perhaps analogous to the more traditional moral distinction to be made between other moral opposites, such as saving a life or taking one; giving to the poor or stealing from the poor box etc.

    So what I'd like to ask is, do you have an argument for this rather remarkable claim, compelling enough to convince most people, or is this just personal opinion? And for an answer here, if it's yes, you do, I'd like to see you express it so that we don't have to guess what it is. Just lay out your premises (along with any support you have for their truth), one by one, that lead to the necessary conclusion transparency in government is the moral opposite of secrecy in government, if you would please.


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