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    Are ODN "atheists" theophobiacs?

    theophobia [ˌθɪəˈfəʊbɪə]
    (Psychology) morbid fear or hatred of God
    theophobiac n


    There have been many debates on ODN about whether God exists. Atheists, while asserting that there is no reason to believe in God, have never proven God does not exist. And recent threads by atheists suggest they have a very real fear or even hatred of God.

    Given that the choices for the origin of the universe are 1) that the universe is self-creating (which doesn't seem very logical) or 2) that it was created by a deity of some kind, why are ODN atheists so adamant that God does not exist? In a recent poll , twenty ODN atheists self-identified as believing there is very low or zero probability of God existing. Why did they not choose "50 percent" probablity, or even the relatively moderate "Lower than 50 percent but not very low" position?

    Is it because they are theophobiacs, and can’t get past their own morbid fear or hatred of God? Would acknowledging that God may exist and simply has not made Himself known to them be psychologically impossible? Is it just less frightening to the subconscious for them to claim "There is no God" rather than admit "I don't know God"?

    If so, what is it in their lives that caused this morbid fear or hatred of God, and prevents ODN atheists from recognizing that they are really agnostics? And why are they not willing to think logically, and admit that if they really do hate God, then they may actually believe that He exists?

    So, I ask all ODN "atheists" to step forward and explain why you are so certain that God does not exist. And if you are not certain, how can you maintain the position of being an atheist instead of an agnostic?

    Why are you certain that you are not actually theophobic, and repressing a true belief in God?
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