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    Re: God cannot be good if Divine Command morality is true

    Quote Originally Posted by MindTrap028 View Post
    Faithless, your basic demand is incoherent.
    It is your reply that it incoherent:

    You demand that God must know WHY he is good.
    It is not a demand, it is a basic observation of any claim. How does the claimant know it is true. To say this does not apply to god is the fallacy of special pleading.

    But "Why" implies something outside of God. Nothing exists apart/above from God. So the question is nonsense.
    No, you are confused, this makes your answer nonsense not the question, since if why implies that, and this makes it a problem for your definition then, then it is your definition that is the problem.

    And again, if God is the standard by which things are called good, then there is no reason to doubt that he knows he is that standard.
    You cannot assume what you are trying to prove. This is circular reasoning and fails to address the central argument in this thread.

    If you wish to offer your "refined" argument, I may address it in another thread. I will give you the last word.
    You have addressed the refined argument but only produced the fallacies of circular reasoning, trying to define away the problem, relying on incoherent definitions and special pleading. A big fail for you so far.

    That God is the standard for Good. He "IS" good.
    That is what is meant by saying it is part of his nature.
    Until you understand this basic concept to the issue, you will never be able to address it properly.
    I do understand it but you have failed to make it coherent. Which part of god is good, and what argument can you provide to support such a claim. So far you have provided nothing but defititions that are incoherent nor yet provided any light on what good means,

    If God is the standard which is called "good", then it is not very difficult to understand how God would know he is that standard.
    Nor is it difficult for myself to recognize that he is that standard.
    Clearly it is since that is the central argument in this thread and you failed to answer this yet. Claiming otherwise does not make it so. This is an argument by assertion?

    Without God there simply is no such thing as "morality".
    Yet another assertion provided with no argument. You cannot idiosyncratically and tacitly define morality such that it necessarily requires god. This makes your assertion above entirely question begging. And it appears you have no idea what morality is. How about you define morality itself and we can see how it might, or might not, relate to god. And don't repeat the error you just did with good please.

    Arbitrary can not be applied to God. He simply Is. He didn't spring into being by random chance. As he did not, neither did his nature.
    Ironically more arbitrary assertions as well as special pleading etc. no arguments presented for any of these highly questionable claims. I thought this was meant to be a debate forum?

    All you have done is show that your idea of god is nonsense and provided zero sound premises or valid inferences about your god, let alone morality or divine nature. I will happily address you again if you can produce a single argument that is not special pleading or question begging. That is all you have produced so far. And your God would certainly be a master logician and could do better than that surely? It appears that he is not interested in helping his followers with logic
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