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    Starbucks CEO leads boycott


    Starbucks CEO is starting a boycott. In this story above, Howard Schultz says he is fed up with Washington's recent handling of the debt ceiling crisis and has decided to hit politicians where it hurts -- in their campaign war chests. He wrote a letter to other CEOs on the NYSE asking them to join him.

    What I see from this is this: Liberals are now joining the tea party movement, they just don't realize it yet...and they'll certainly never call it that. Liberals...and guilty white liberals in particular, are very disappointed in how their president and their party has performed.

    See Schultz gave almost $200K in political contributions last election. Only $1,000 went to GOP candidates.

    So who is Schultz really disappointed in? Why the Democrats he helped put into power of course.

    I suspect in the next election we will see more such sentiment coming from Liberals who put Obama in office. They will never vote Republican...but millions will choose not to vote, not to volunteer, and not to donate.

    They have come to realize change is not always good...and if you hope in one hand and "you know what" in the other...you know which hand will get filled first.

    They played their part in making history by electing America's first black president. Their white liberal guilt has been assuaged. Unemployment numbers are higher than the national average among blacks. Its hard to imagine seeing the same zealous turnout and lock-step voting block from this demographic. They are now realizing how expensive it has been to give Democrats power. Expensive not only for them, but for their children and grandchildren as well.

    Their president and their party had total control of both houses. And that president's leadership has fallen far short of their "audacious hopes". The Democrats went on a spending spree and America has nothing to show for it except a crushing record deficit many times greater than what George Bush left.

    Right now -- The best the Obama campaign can hope for is that the GOP chooses a ticket that has a candidate their base will love to hate, the way they hate Sarah Palin. That is their only chance of getting their base fired up. Historically, people who vote Democrat are usually lazy and inconsistent voters -- subject to emotional issues driving their turnout numbers. GOP voters on the other hand tend to vote regularly in most elections. Unless Obama can get his base fired up, he is going to have trouble.
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    Re: Starbucks CEO leads boycott

    Quote Originally Posted by Spartacus View Post

    Starbucks CEO is starting a boycott.
    Interesting....he should have plenty of resources to keep people awake for it.
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