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    Re: Analogy of Atheism

    Quote Originally Posted by CliveStaples View Post
    It depends on what kinds of evidential standards you have. Consider the fact that relatively few people have seriously asserted that they have heard/felt/become aware of leprechauns, whereas many people--people that you and I would probably consider reasonable, thoughtful, intelligent, and careful--have seriously asserted that they have heard/felt/become aware of the existence of something like God.

    Now, maybe that means nothing to you, but establishing what reasonable people actually think and believe might have bearing on whether a belief is reasonable.
    Isn't that putting the cart before the horse?

    As is it's not whether one is reasonable that determines if their beliefs are reasonable but whether one's beliefs are considered reasonable that determines if the person is reasonable.

    In other words, if one holds that a belief in Christianity is not reasonable then no believer can be considered a reasonable person.

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    Re: Analogy of Atheism

    Quote Originally Posted by Gibson View Post
    Give the newchild any thing it wants, absolutely anything. You do this in order that the child wants to stay inside the shelter for as long as possible. Now you have the normal raised person to come inside and try to explain wind/air to the child.


    The child should not believe the person. If he does, let him go outside. BUT the child would more than likely want to stay inside where he can get what ever he wants then to go outside and experience wind.

    Now out of that quick analogy change the child to an atheist and the wind to God. It may be hard for a simple mind to comprehend but an intelligent mind should be able to understand.
    Sounds to me like you've just come upon a version of Plato's Allegory of the Cave in which an enlightened Philosopher attempts to free the prisioners in the cave ( or in your analogy the child from the shelter ) however they're too attatched to the shadows to believe in the Philosopher so they choose to live their lives in ignorance.

    It seems that you're attempting to state that atheists are the prisoners who refrain from believing the outsider because they place too much value within their belief system. By doing so they attempt to maintian some sort of order in their lives, because it would be quite distrubing for them to discover that all they know is a lie.

    How exactly are you going to establish that your belief system holds true, i.e., among all of the religions in the world why should the prisioners listen to one Philosopher when all claim to be Philosophers with their individual perceptions of truth?


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