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    The Judicial System is designed to oppress us and to maintain a hierarchy

    The Judicial System is designed to oppress us and to maintain a hierarchy - mainly caused by the legal system. Laws. For example, that you are not allowed to steal from other people, one that steal is penalized, which encourages people not to steal. People argue that the law creates a fair society; a meritocratic society. In a sense that is true. If someone works hard he deserves to be able to keep his money, or else what would be the point of that person working? However, does this create equality? This all boils down to how one defines fairness, and upon what ethics one determines what is fair and what isn't. Equality is one trait, one characteristic of fairness which is almost universally accepted. Allow me to begin. Why do people work, why do people choose a 9-5 job, jobs which require people to work anti-social hours. To be able to provide for one's family? What about single people? To survive? Or is it to get richer? Is it to get that Bentley which would ashame your neighbor? For a higher standard of living?

    If a man works but there are no rules which prevent someone from stealing what he earned then would he work? If no (which is likely) why? Because he would have no incentive, there would be no purpose if there would be no material gain (which is in most cases excluding charitable occupations), right? Well, would that not make society more equal? If what you owned could be taken from you that would mean you don't own anything permanently. Isn't it logical? If i have a Bentley car amongst my 70 other cars in a gigantic mansion in the Hamptons and a tramp in the bronx could come and steal everything in my mansion, including my bentley car, would i be able to keep the bentley car? would i be able to flaunt it? If everything you own can be taken from you you don't own anything. If no one owns anything, if no one owns more than another person, then there is no one (in terms of material wealth) is ahead of another. Isn't that more equal? If society were like that wouldn't it be a more equal society? However, your survival would depend on your intelligence, cunningness, strength etc...Which one could argue is not fair. However, we would be equal. Without laws such as laws against theft there would be no hierarchy, there would be no elites. The top world leaders would not be able to control us, to repress us, contain us. Isn't that logical?



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