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    Please help me with my proverb essay

    Please do reply for my post as fast as you can guys. For my English class i need to write an essay paper on proverb and so I have pick the proverb Unity is Strength. Now I am having issue with writing the starting paragraph for my essay. I donít know how to start my Unity is Strength Essay on proper way. Please help me; I have only 2 days to complete my essay paper. Thanking you so much in advance!!

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    Re: Please help me with my proverb essay

    Hi, Shirley, and welcome to ODN. I hope that you will find this site is a helpful, fun, and interesting way to hammer out ideas. This site is meant as a place to explore ideas, so I encourage you to discuss the details of your thoughts if you want to engage the community here about your paper.

    Your paper is based on a proverb that relies on the premise that when people act in concert with a unified purpose, they can accomplish more than any individual could accomplish alone. What examples of unity in action can you find in your experiences that support this claim? Can you recall experiences where the people involved were less effective because of their disunity?

    Are there situations where unity's strength can be dangerous?

    Does unity have weaknesses that must be considered as a trade off for the added strength that unity gives?

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    Another thing you might want to answer in your responses is why you believe that unity is strength and why that is desirable.
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    Re: Please help me with my proverb essay

    A good way to start any essay is to draw out an outline. Obviously we don't have your instructions so this might not exactly apply, but I would suggest something like:






    Once you set out an outline, it will be easier to write your beginning, which should be your position in the paper, a summary of why you hold that is drafted in the form of an outline of the paper, "Generally this position is supported by arguing that X, Y, Z. Objections usually take the form of A, B, C, but as I will show they fail to convince."
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    Also, if you think I've overlooked your post please shoot me a PM, I'm not intentionally ignoring you.

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    Re: Please help me with my proverb essay

    One way to begin is with an anecdote or story. Think of a short story that demonstrates strength through unity. Emphasize those aspects of the story that make it relevant and use it to lead into a discussion of the topic.
    I typically cite original research papers and reviews that are available only to a personal or institutional subscriptional. If you wish a PDF copy of the papers I cite, send me a request.

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    Re: Please help me with my proverb essay

    Start your proverb essay by writing the introduction paragraph. You have to make your introduction paragraph the one of the best and interesting one. If your introduction is not interesting one then you cannot able to grab the readerís consideration towards your essay paper. In the introduction part describe your proverb; I think one simple definition is enough. End of the first paragraph write the thesis statement. If you still can't write the paper yourself you can seek help from the online essay writing services. Before choosing the one of the service it is good to go through with Essay Writing Reviews and discussion forums to identify which is the best and which is the fake...

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    Re: Please help me with my proverb essay

    The proverb which you are chosen for your essay is really interesting one... you can google it for examples and sample essays...

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