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    Women Should Not Have Equal Rights

    As women have gained equal rights with men over the past two hundred years, divorce rates have increased causing more broken homes with children deprived of the benefit of having two parents. Two-thirds of divorces are initiated by women.

    As women increasingly moved into the workforce, real incomes for men have declined due to the increased labor supply. This makes it far more difficult and unusual for a family to survive on one income, forcing more women into the workforce, creating a death spiral for traditional family roles of a working father and stay-at-home nurturing mother.

    As women have gained the right to vote and have actively used that vote, their tendency to vote for liberal politicians and liberal programs has increased welfare dependency by unwed mothers and their children, subsidizing and thereby increasing the incidence of single parent families living in poverty. Women are more inclined to view the government as a substitute father, to provide when a husband is absent. Further expansion of welfare programs for the elderly and unemployed are bankrupting our nation. If women didn't vote, we wouldn't have the enormous debt and deficit our nation faces.

    The current expectation of husband and wife acting as equals is unrealistic and unnatural. Women and men, as groups, are not equal physically, mentally or emotionally. And as individuals there are too many situations that arise in a marriage where disagreements can occur for them be solved by agreement. How then, should irreconcilable disagreements be resolved? One person must have the ultimate decision making authority in the marriage to resolve such situations.

    Inequality is better for families and the general welfare of our country as a whole. Women should not have equal rights.
    "If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth." - Ronald Reagan



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