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    Is Revolution part of democracy?

    Recent events have got me pondering this question: When is revolution part of democracy and when is it not?

    America of course began in many respects with a revolution, as did many other democratic movements around the world. Though others such as England arguably evolved through more incremental steps to largely democratic rule.

    Recently we've seen two countries move from a more totalitarian state, to a democracy, and then face revolution against the elected governments. In Egypt the government lasted only a very short time and reverted to military control. In Ukraine we had a coup that led to a new government that now struggles to maintain any semblance of sovereignty.

    I've seen cartoons showing Putin as the enemy of democracy in Ukraine but if you listen to him he will tell you we are the ones supporting the folks that supported the destruction of a democratic state. And at least from a technical standpoint we did exactly that. We sided with the mob over the duly elected government.

    But what if the elected state has abandoned the ideals of liberty behind democratic values? Is that simply the will of the people or a betrayal of the democratic ideal to such an extent to de-legitimize the democratic process that brought it about?

    i take a dim view to electing a government, then immediately overthrowing it by extra legal means. To me, that isn't democracy. Its one thing if the elected officials take steps that are dismantling the democratic process and enshrining themselves permanently in power. That certainly calls for revolution to maintain the franchise of public power. But if you just don't like them or their policies? That to me smacks of a lack of respect for rule of law which is nearly as essential to democracy as respect for liberty.

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    Re: Is Revolution part of democracy?

    I certainly don't see the current leadership as being legitimate and they should hold elections as soon as possible, ideally with the previous leader as a candidate too. Putin is right, we did side with the mob and it's not just a technical issue - it's true from any perspective you wish to look at it.

    It seems the worst the old president did was be greedy (which is not likely a crime), imprison some politicians (which was also probably legal) and make deals favoring one powerful neighbor over another (also not illegal) and shooting at protestors (probably illegal but there are legals means to impeach him). If they pro-Europeans wanted things so badly they should have gotten out the vote or eat it until the next election. So I have a very hard time siding with them at this point. It would be a different story if there were systematic torture or maltreatment of a minority group but there's been none of that.

    I think I even heard Obama refer to the current government as a democratic one today, which makes me wonder if this wasn't fomented by the US in some way.

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    Re: Is Revolution part of democracy?

    Yes its a part of it, actually moreover, one of root factors of it, we can take the example of aparthied in Africa or British rule in India. We can see that both the countries have struggled for gaining its govt. But in today's world revolution is not going to work like old ways. Now people are more selfthinking. And they will not going to participate in opposing wrong, till they find a valid reason. So the leader of the motive or the revolutionary should keep that in mind that exclaminations like 'lets save our country will not provoke people', he/she has to give logic to people for supporting him

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    Re: Is Revolution part of democracy?

    Gaining power through war and death is evil.

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    Re: Is Revolution part of democracy?

    I would think revolution, however defined (bloody, bloodless), would be entailed by democracy, and so definitely a part of it. After all, is not a pure democracy little more than rule by the mob? So the more pure the democracy, the more a part of it revolution will be.



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