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Thread: Loan Issue

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    Loan Issue

    Can you really receive a personal loan from your standard bank should you have the entire put in, and not proof income due to health issues?
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    Re: Loan Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by DALE
    Can you really receive a personal loan from your standard bank should you have the entire put in, and not proof income due to health issues?
    Not to my experience. Thanks for reaching the internet help line
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    Re: Loan Issue

    Thread moved to Community Advice Forum
    "Suffering lies not with inequality, but with dependence." -Voltaire
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    Re: Loan Issue

    No, dale, i am afraid you cannot get a loan without proof of income unless you bribe them. if you want to get a loan, you need to have surety, so, the bank can be assured that you will be able to pay it back. if you have assets, you may put them up as surety, but they might not accept them. if you have a degree, you may show it to them,and, then they will be able to guess your net worth, if, you have other work experience with a reference that also puts their name 'on the line.' if, of course, you were to sign your future over to them, a legal binding document, then they could be able to use you, and you could be human capital to them, but that is a stretch.

    Now, if you were to want to make money, you need to offer a product or a service. otherwise, there is no barter. if you were to offer to work for free for a contract duration, then you will get a reference, like i am trying to do. of course, if that is too slow for you, you could try to get people on the phone, just call them up, tell them that you have heard of them via a bluff of some sort, and get into a short polite conversation with them. then, you need to know what they need or supply, and then you can use them as a contact. then, at the end of the month, you can sell your rolodex to the highest bidder, yes?

    If you were to find that too taxing, you need to try to sell yourself to others, as then you know if the product fails, you won't need to lock the rest away. then, you need to offer to derive some sort of enjoyment out of their lives, by, trying to help them in some way, or, extorting them like a child, or, offering to sell them your time and energy. this could be used for being a maid or golf caddy, or, even a chimney sweep, or, something else creative, like reading the paper to them or their wives, changing channels for them, or even going to their works to oversee things for them, drawing up accounts, and highlighting spread sheets.
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