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Thread: Fear

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    Fundamentalist Muslims live in fear of our sexual nature. They want it covered, hidden and locked away.
    When it is allowed out it must be escorted and watched to make sure not the slightest chink of sexuality escapes.
    They know in their hearts that to treat human beings like prisoners and perpetually guard them is wicked, so they exonerate themselves by claiming it is God's will. So the travesty continues for who dare argue with God.
    We need to face our natures to come to proper terms with them, not pretend they don't exist.

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    Re: Fear

    Not jut Muslims, but ya, there is a fear of sexuality that seems to grip a great many people. And as you may know "fear is the mind killer"

    I find it especially comes true when you listen to the justifications for the way women are treated, as if any man seeing the skin of a woman will go mad and attack them like a beast. I think that only speaks to the weakness of the kind of people who use religious dogma as a mechanism of control. What they are truly afraid of is their own weakness. Personally I think when people act like animals you put them in a cage so those who don't can walk free and safe, not the other way around.
    Feed me some debate pellets!

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    Re: Fear

    It's not just Muslims, Christians have been throwing a fit over sex for generations - look at the gay marriage debate!

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    Re: Fear

    Sexism is rife and encouraged by some parts of the church. For centuries western advanced nations have supported the rule of men.
    This was encouraged by Charles Darwin who gave us natural selection.
    From The Descent of Man:
    ' The chief distinction in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is shown by man's attaining to a higher eminance, in what ever he takes up, than can woman-- whether requiring deep thought, reason , or imagination, or merely the use of senses and hands.'
    Thats woman more or less rubbed out eh?



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