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Thread: Cosmology

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    Carl Sagan has done much to advance the lay knowledge of science and popularise cosmology.
    His 'Small Blue Dot ' video is everywhere so here is an alternative perspective.
    Long before Carl Sagan the analogy of the clock was used and a big thing was made of how we came into exsistance in the last miute before midnight. Where we draw the line depends on us. I could easily say we came into existence when the first replicators appeard some three billion years ago; after all we share the same genes. That would make the. human race a quater of the age of the universe. That makes me puff out my chest and feel quite important.
    The other much maligned comparator is size; well we are about midway between an electron and a Galaxy.
    Out goes my chest again I'm feeling better already.
    One often tucked under the carpet, we are , as far as we know the most complicated things in existence.
    Perhaps the greatest miracle is our self- aware intelligence.
    I don't believe we are the only intelligent life in the galaxy, but miracles dont often occur.
    So lets be proud of our miraculous rarity and stop running ourselves down.

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    Re: Cosmology

    I find spirituality is a feeling of being an individual and a part of all creation. Similarly we are both amazing and insignificant depending on the perspective.

    There seems to be an effort by some to put humanity or themselves at the center of the universe in terms of its purpose and function. I think humans rightly should be the center of their own subjective universe, but to make us the objective center is presumptive in extreme.

    Even our vaunted intelligence, while super handy for us, doesn't really mean much for the universe at large. The galaxies won't stop moving because we are aware of it. We are as much a product of the universe as everything else. Other life forms are wondrous in ways we are not.

    So like spiritualism human understanding should both be able to recognize how vital what we are is to ourselves, but how not so vital it is for everything not ourselves. We do indeed have an impact due to our gifts, but we have those gifts because of the way everything else is.
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    Re: Cosmology

    You are right we do not control much and seem unable to control our own world.
    Perspective is everything that is why Christianity is so popular for much is made of the fact that God values and loves each human being.
    How ever this does not stack up with the reality of a brutal cruel world where some have everything and some nothing.



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