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    Foxes have holes

    birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath nowhere to lay his head.
    A large part of human existence is about territory. Men will, and do kill to expand it or protect it.
    Eight bikers died in Waco Texas over parking space. It stared with punches, clubs, chains , knives then guns.
    In modern America many are prepared with guns to protect their space.
    Since we looked out from the caves we have coveted and protected our space. Its ingrained in us modern terminology calls it hard- wired. A few brave souls like tramps and gipsys let go to escape society but they are hounded and pestered.
    I sit complacent and contented in my bungalow protected in my own space by law until the great grim reaper knocks.
    Jesus knew that to preach he must give up the comforts of house and home and the famous verse is tinged with sadness.
    The Budda also had to leave all behind to pass on his message.
    What a miracle it is that there are men and women among us who give up comforts to care about the rest of us.

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    Re: Foxes have holes

    I've always been one who "lives well with others" in so much as I am pretty tolerant of the differences of other people. They may or may not be so tolerant of mine and that I don't react as well to.

    I think in general its often a few really bad people that make it hard for everyone else. Many people could share space harmoniously but add in one bad person and often the idea of communal living is rejected by everyone because the situation becomes intolerable.

    I think everyone needs some security and predictability to live happily. Isolation to a degree provides security and predictability as where cohabitation potentially lessons both. Often finding someone to marry is really about finding someone you can share with and maintain security and predictability (to a degree).

    Mind you we like surprises to a degree, but only when we choose to accept them. AKA we might like to be with someone innovative and spontaneous, so long as they don't spontaneously disrupt our food, transportation and shelter arrangements we rely on day to day.
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    Re: Foxes have holes

    Perfect first sentance just how can we ever tolerate the intolerant. Maybe a first step is to understand them and these days we can glean knowledge from alsorts of brilliant researchers. We have neuro scientists and Freud who is often overlooked these days.
    The conclusion is we must tollerate them until they attempt to break up free society and at that point we must take positive protective action.



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