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Thread: Black and White

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    Re: Black and White

    Quote Originally Posted by Ibelsd View Post
    "Genetic analysis enables us to determine the geographic ancestry of a person pinpointing the migrational history of a person's ancestors with a high degree of accuracy, and by inference the probable racial category into which they will be classified in a given society."
    Again, its probability and yes your actual family tree is your family tree, and in the past that was your "race" but we are a lot more mixed and have a much harder time saying who is who, and even then folks group each-other into all kinds of odd categories and think it matters when it really doesn't. So you can say for sure that so and so's ancestors came from northern Ireland and Zambia, but that won't tell you if that person is a "White" person or a "Black" person nor should anything about that genetic information tell you if they are trustworthy or right for a job or whether they should be allowed to fight for minority rights or perform rap music etc....

    I guess in a perfect world where everyone hands me their complete biography, blood work, and a psych exam, I can avoid using things like race, looks, clothing, hair style, etc to form opinions. In a world where we have to make decisions based on incomplete knowledge, I use anything and everything at my disposal. And sometimes, that will include race, gender, and a host of other factors.
    Sure but far to often we are lazy and dismissive of things we can very well easily get said knowledge of by asking.

    If you prefer to pretend these factors don't exist or are irrelevant, then that is your call completely. If you believe we are apes and the less than 1% differences in our DNA is insignificant, hey, that's your call. Let me put this into yet another analogy.
    And if more people did so the world would be a much nicer place.

    You can choose to enter one of three rooms. One room holds an evil dragon. One room has a treasure chest. One room is empty but once you enter, you can never leave. All you can do before selecting is to look through a small key hole in each door. Do you choose to look through the key hole? Do you choose to not look since it will only give you a small glimpse which could be misleading?
    Terrible analogy. By looking in the keyhole I can learn a lot of direct information. Is there a dragon or signs of one? Is there a chest? a better analogy would be you only get to see the door and you make your decision based on what kind of wood its made of, which is of course nearly useless at figuring out what is in the room.
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