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    Re: The Cleansing of the South

    Quote Originally Posted by mican333 View Post
    According to your quote, Lincoln would have been fine with any outcome regarding slavery if it meant
    preserving the union.
    That was my only point and it was a small point too. I was just giving MindTrap a wee bit of support, sayeth he:

    "finally, the north was not fighting to free slaves, they were fighting to preserve the union, which they
    would have gladly kept slavery in the south for."__MindTrap

    Sayeth you:


    So then I posted the Lincoln quote and so Old Abe made one (1) who held "preserve the Union"
    as more important than "freeing the slaves", and its reasonable to assume (and it is an assumption)
    that Old Abe had significant numbers in his camp on that issue especially in the North (and probably
    some in the South too.) Alas, here, we are in the area of "reading hearts" and that's hard enough to
    do when the homo sapiens are standing right in front of your nose --- when they're 155 years removed
    it gets really difficult.

    Nonetheless in the North between 1861 - 1864 the polling from the "Pew Research" ;-) polls on: Which is
    more important? (1) Preserve the Union or (2) Free the slaves --- would have been all up and down the scale
    in constant flux depending on "how the battles were going" at any given time period. When the battles were
    going against Mr. Lincoln's generals the "Pew" polls would have shown high support in preference for "Preserving
    the union" at the price of "Keeping slavery". Even after Mr. Lincoln found his hard "fighting general" U.S. Grant,
    who started actually winning battles, there were significant numbers of Northerners who wanted Old Abe's head
    on a platter due to Grant's attrition battle strategy of deliberately trading the Confederates 2 for 1 on the
    battlefield every chance he got to do that, resulting in huge numbers of dead or seriously wounded Northern
    troops --- Grant fought the war based on his axiom "The enemy has not got army enough" and so Grant fought
    a deliberate war of attrition and the dead piled up in heaps. I'll classify this as an opinion: When the battles were
    going against Mr. Lincoln's generals the "Pew" polls would have shown high support in preference for "Preserving
    the union" at the price of "Keeping slavery". (Which was MindTrap's point I was attempting to bolster). And it
    is a reasonable conclusion, that significant numbers were in Old Abe's camp (his quote), for the reasons given
    above, though that'd be very hard, perhaps impossible, to demonstrate.



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