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    Re: Question about Calling Out Rule

    So the gist of it is that you are looking for a solid definition of "Calling Out". The primary aspect is that the criticism is addressed to the public as opposed to the individual that the complaint is lodged against. Per the current "Calling Out" rules.

    "It is inappropriate to publicly create a thread that calls out the behavior of another member (including staff members). If a member's behavior needs to be addressed, use the "report button" for the post, or use the private message system. An attempt to "rally" the community against another member or members, will result in an infraction and immediate deletion of the thread."

    And in Evan's post he was talking about me to the community, not talking to me. And in your example, the complaint was made to the person who wouldn't continue the debate so it would not qualify as Calling Out.

    So I would define "Calling Out" as "criticizing someone's behavior to the public at large" and I think it is a form of harassment.

    So in short, I do think that Calling Out is a specific action that ODN should not allow and it should be reflected in our rules. As I believe it is a subset of harassment, I would just add it there.
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    Re: Question about Calling Out Rule

    Quote Originally Posted by Dionysus View Post
    All I've done is try to keep the debate going, but suddenly my posts are getting deleted and I'm getting PMs from the staff who are now on my a$$ over this stupid rule that says I can't be critical of a person's behavior in a thread, no matter how bad it is. This strikes me as completely absurd.
    It is one thing to criticize someone's behavior while they are actively discussing the subject with you. It is another to continue to do so after the discussion has clearly ended. What you are describing here sounds a lot like spamming the thread to me. We haven't allowed individuals here to simply "bump" threads without adding context and we wouldn't (to take the other extreme) want 250 posts on a thread dedicated to reminding someone that they haven't responded to a point or met a challenge.

    You are definitely correct that we would need to define what that concept is if we were to add calling out into the harassment section. We would also need to be aware that the points for a harassment infraction are pretty large, so we would need to think through the punishment/crime aspect of the change.

    Likewise, we could simply leave this as a common law understanding of Spam which resolves the issue quite easily since this and everything discussed qualifies pretty neatly into that category.
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