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    Re: Women Abandoning Trump Are Hypocritical

    Quote Originally Posted by mican333 View Post
    Which pretend stands are you referring to? And please only give me ones that liberals generally say he has. I admit that you can always find a small minority saying something completely ridiculous (and that goes for both liberals and conservatives).
    I've seen a few...

    One instance was when he said they should take away Hillary's body guards. The liberal media said that was a threat on her life. In truth it was referencing the idea that her stand agaisnt guns is hypocritical when she is protected by armed bodyguards, thus she should give them up if she hates guns so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MindTrap028 View Post
    This whole take on "sexual assault" is horribly biased against men. Basically a man can have an entire sexual encounter with a woman, with her participating. Then later she says "I didn't want it" and now it's sexual assault. The woman doesn't have to even say "no" in peoples eyes anymore.
    It's retroactive attack on men because they are men. It isn't just, and it isn't sexual assault.
    Yes, women can make false accusations sometimes, it happens, but grabbing women by their ***** is sexual assault. Just don't do it and you won't get in trouble. Its as simple as that. Men are not entitled to sed or to grab women any more than I am entitled to pick your nose because I think you need a good nose picking. "honest he was just begging to have his nose picked, look at all the boogers in there!"

    Keep your hands to yourself unless you are invited to do some touching.

    Which brings us to what trump "admitted" to. That is.. that woman don't care. IE they are inviting it.
    That is not sexual assault, that is what you get when you hang out with whores.
    No, that is his ******** assumption, that because he's famous and such that they want him grabbing them. He may beleive that, but it's not always true. And since it isn't always true you shouldn't be doing it. THose that want it, well you are fine. Those that don't, you are sexually assaulting them. Some guys might like getting into fights, but that doesn't mean I am justified in going around punching all the guys I meet. Some guys might like it if I grapped their ****, I bet you wouldn't. Get it?

    Clearly we know that women he has done this to did not want it or invite it but got it anyways.
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