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Thread: The obvious

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    The obvious

    Liberal 1: "So, we lost a significant amount of votes from white, middle class, working people."

    Liberal 2: "They are just a bunch of racist, sexist, homophobic, Xenophobic, Islamiphobic privileged hate-filled knuckle-draggers. "

    Liberal 1: "We spent the better part of two years calling them that relentlessly, why didn't they see the errors of their ways and convert and accept our moral superiority?"

    Liberal 2: "I don't know. Let's double down on the name calling and see if that changes things."

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    Re: The obvious

    I agree, though both sides engage in this....

    Conservative 1: "We always get demolished by blacks, hispanics, and other minorities."

    Conservative 2: "They are a bunch of lazy welfare cheating criminals, drug addicts and racists mind controlled and bribed by the democrats. Except for the tiny percentages that vote for us of course, those are the only good ones."

    Conservative 1: "I cant understand why they don't see reason and support us. After all we used to champion civil rights in the past."

    Conservative 2: "Ya those stupid lazy bastards criminals just can't see reason."

    You might say "we don't say that" but then again many liberals don't say what you said either. It's the self-satisfied bubbles of both sides that create all this animosity and demonize the other side.
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