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    Re: Who are we to question the gods?

    Quote Originally Posted by BELTHAZOR
    I think I was too focused on your rabbit example, I think I may see your point now.

    So at the synapse level in the brain, reactions are taking place, back and forth from electrical to chemical, chemical to electrical, all the time. Since there are a finite number of chemical reaction that can occur, thoughts are necessarily limited by these chemical reactions. If it does logically follow it is by happenstance and dumb luck.

    Am I getting closer
    Yea, as long as the ultimate reason you think X, is because of the rules that govern chemical reactions, then it is NOT the rules that govern logic. Thought x leads to thought y, not because it logically follows, but because chemicals just so happen to react that way in a given circumstance.

    Quote Originally Posted by MICAN
    Evolution will certainly not select that
    Successfully hiding from a predator was the thing being selected, and the limited point of the example. Your responding to a very much expanded version, which can easily be adjusted for.

    Clearly it was a short hand mican. In order to correctly understand it, you simply have to plug in thoughts that are wrong, with actions that are selected.
    Like, the male rabit is afraid of the female so he jumps on top of her and rubs his gentiles on hers in order to "get away." etc..

    The point stands that evolution chooses outcomes, not thoughts that cause them. Also there are vastly more incorrect thoughts that would also lead to the same outcome as a correct one.
    So the idea is pretty sound when you don't chop it up such that it looses context.

    Do you disagree that evolution is selecting outcomes and not the thoughts directly?
    To serve man.



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