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    Re: Terms in the abortion debate

    Quote Originally Posted by Belthazor View Post
    I believe it says "seemingly", and the rest of your source pretty much goes with mine
    Either way, I said "random" and it is correct. It means that the choice is unreasonable/random and both sides, pro-choice and pro-life, do have reasoning for their beliefs so neither position qualifies as arbitrary.

    Quote Originally Posted by Belthazor View Post
    Though I still don't see life starting at conception as a subjective and/or arbitrary point and the pro choice side seems completely subjective and/or arbitrary.
    Life starting at conception is not subjective. What is subjective is saying that that is the point where we should outlaw abortion.

    And it's no less arbitrary than picking a different point in the pregnancy to hold that that is the point where the fetus should enjoy legal protections.

    Quote Originally Posted by Belthazor View Post
    It seems something IBELSD said is probably fairly close to right on. Something to the effect of "we (our society) just don't value the unborn very highly". Just not sure why that is?
    I would say that almost everyone, even most pro-lifers, place more value on the born than the unborn.

    As a hypothetical, if you present a pro-lifer with three women in the early stages of pregnancy and ask if these women should be allowed to have an abortion, he will say "no". But what if he had to choose between the three fetuses and a born baby (a mother with a born baby who will kill it if the three women don't have abortions)? I won't say that every pro-lifer will give the same answer (or what your answer would be) but it's safe to say that some would choose to save the born baby over the three fetuses.

    And this in no way shows hypocrisy on the parts of those who choose to save the baby instead of the fetuses. The person would still save the three fetuses if he wasn't forced into this decision and therefore does indeed have sincere concern for the three fetuses. But it does show that he does not value the born and the unborn equally.

    And I think the decision to save the born baby makes sense even for a pro-lifer. It's not irrational or arbitrary to view the issue on a scale instead of as a binary choice.

    If you want to view it as a binary choice instead of a scale, you may. But that is a subjective decision just like viewing it as a scale is subjective.
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