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    Re: Objective morality vs. subjective morality

    Quote Originally Posted by Belthazor View Post
    [1] I believe it was in the current "bible and slavery" thread. Rabbidak mentioned that the Devil isn't evil at all. He is doing God's work according to God's plan (I will say, it makes the book of Job make much more sense
    I tried to engage him on the point but didn't get a response.

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    [2] I am 55, though living life at 31!!!
    I will use Peter from now on.

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    [3] please allow me to respond to this point later as I don't have enough time to adequately address it tonight.

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    [4] It's reasonable enough. Now, how about true?

    ---------- Post added at 11:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:41 PM ----------

    [5] Great question. I am not sure. That is why I am still searching I guess.......
    [1] That is interesting. Never heard that one before. I'll have to see the context.

    [2] Are you 31 years in actual time and feel like 55?
    For me it is 61 years in actual time, but I feel young at heart and health wise, except for occasional memory problems (Sometimer's, or part-timers instead of Alzheimer's). I'm hoping it does not lead to the latter.

    [3] You might like to take the argument over to the thread I set up with RabbiDak then!

    [4] That is very debatable. How does reason derive from the unreasoning? Scientists and atheists assume it can.

    Why would something, the universe, without meaning, purpose, reason, logic, intention, or mind, lead to reason? There is no reason that it would.

    [5] That is another reason for the case for God. Unless He exists and has revealed Himself, how do you get to certainty? Which relative, subjective opinion are you going to take as that certainty?



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