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    The War On Terror

    Back in my junior year of high school I was given an assignment to write a research paper and present an argument on whether or not I felt the war in Iraq would be another Vietnam.

    I wrote a paper, with the main argument being: "Yes, the war will be mismanaged, the public will turn sour on the operation, and America will leave Iraq in shambles resulting in the destabilization of the region." I was told I missed the point; which I found funny considering I did the most research and answered the question. It turned into a typical left vs right debate and I believe it remained that for the remainder of American involvement. That was about 13 years ago now.

    I've started looking back at region and The War On Terror in general and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts? Of course I'd like to offer mine up front and not cheat you.

    I believe my paper was, for the short term; accurate. However one thing I didn't anticipate was that we'd eventually adapt to this change; and support the war through other means. Arab countries have picked up much of the slack in fighting ISIS, and so far it's been fairly successful. Whether this will come back and bite us in the long run is to be determined; we all know how that played out in the past.

    It's also been interesting to see our shift in allies; we support groups affiliated with the PKK which has enraged our NATO ally Turkey; and we've even opened up to Iran, more so than I ever thought. I'm trying to get more up on this matter especially; it could be that we're now shifting allies to adapt to a changing environment.

    I'm curious as to the opinions of others here. Do you think we're seeing a shift in allies because the region is changing and we're attempting to re-position ourselves. Do you think the conflicts in the Middle East are progressing well, what are you thoughts on our fight against ISIS? Do you believe our strategy of supplying and assisting Arab forces on the ground is an appropriate strategy for the conflict? I'm positive on all of these.
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