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    Re: Why is Pedophilia Categorized as a Disorder?

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    There seems to be a lot of issues about naming things the right way. But we both already agree that it is social in nature so why don’t you go along with what society has deemed to be a fitting description and categorization?
    The op takes issue with the way APA classifies pedophilia. So no, I'm not going to just agree to something that I think is wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    On the one hand, it is obvious speaking to oneself and believing in something that doesn’t exist but acting as if it does is by definition a delusion. Yet you go along with the flow that praying is not a delusion and neither is believing in Gods and angels and ghosts and monsters. It’s kinda obvious that Joseph, Jesus’ father, is also an actual pedophile too, right? Yet, somehow, your non-comment on the matter is giving him a free pass (no doubt, also using “societal-norms” as an excuse). Why is that? Why do you call such claims, using your same exact logic, get called “crap” by your very self when I brought it up earlier.

    The point is that you appear to be hypocritical in how you are treating homosexuality versus religion. And that needs explaining. Please do so.
    Trying to drag my religious views into this thread is a Red Herring fallacy.

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    All this other nonsense about whether or not homosexuality and pedophilia are orientations or deviant or non-normal are irrelevant.
    They are a side issue, but part of the context of the explanation for APA making changes.

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    No-one wants pedophiles looking after their children obviously
    Exactly the point.

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    The people that fear that necrophiliacs and zoophiliacs are going to get protections are clearly deluded and ignorant about sexual matters anyway. I think those proclivities are already so frowned upon that and very rare that I think it’s really a straw man argument about having lost the culture war on homosexuality.
    Do you even know what a Straw Man is, Sharm? Apparently not. Nec/Zoo were part of an explanation and context, not an argument. If you don't get that, then, oh well.

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    If you’re attacking homosexuality because of other kinds of sexuality you don’t approve of then you will always lose the argument because the larger society, world society, is beginning to learn more and are responding with sympathy. Homosexuality should be no more an issue than if someone likes S&M or prefers fat ladies or whatever.
    Now that IS a Straw Man fallacy, because I have not attacked homosexuality in this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    ... if we have to fiddle the books a bit... then so be it.
    Exactly the attitude of the public and the APA, and why their description of Pedophilia Disorder is a fraud.

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    Otherwise, concede that you are delusional and that Joseph was a pedophile.
    I don't understand why you and Pissass are so intent on bringing religion into every thread. If it is such a big deal to you, then start your own thread, because it is just another red herring in this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladykrimson View Post
    It isn't just public pressure. The APA also evolves classifications over time as psychology learns new things. If it doesn't, we might as well go back to the 1800's where a woman experiencing Post-Partum depression was simply classified as having "hysteria" or where we might have lobotomized a schizophrenic. It isn't always about public pressure.
    From what I can tell, and from what I've offered as support in this thread, on the hot-button social issues of homosexuality and pedophilia the APA has folded to activism when the heat became too great.
    "If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth." - Ronald Reagan



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