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    Re: How many more Muslim terrorists should we let in to the United States?

    Quote Originally Posted by evensaul View Post
    You think 2996 people murdered and 6000 wounded on 9/11 was small potatoes? And the potential to have a mushroom cloud over one or more American cities deserves less attention than other hazards? Really?
    Yes to the first question when in the context of what I said which was compared to other concerns. For instance, we had 52,600 deaths from drug overdose in 2016 far outstripping 9/11 and terrorism in general. Suicides are around 44K

    As to mushroom clouds, let me know when immigrants start carrying thermonuclear weapons with them and I'll give that more thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evensaul View Post
    I think you need to support the idea that "progressive Muslims who can share American ideals and Culture" are actually following Islam, and are really Muslim. Building up a population of "progressive Muslims" in this country is extremely dangerous, because you don't know when or how many of them will become "radicalized" to what Islam really teaches.
    Considering there are about 3 million Muslims in the US, and the number of Islamist terrorist attacks can be counted on my fingers and toes, I think it's safe to say that they are not by and large dangerous simply because of their professed religion. Otherwise, we'd have a much more persistant crisis.

    As to what they really beleive or what Islam really teaches, I'll take the word of the Muslims on what their religion means over yours any day. People act out their beliefs (generally) and mostly what I see are peace loving people who are going about living very normal lives.
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