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    Shouldn't there be a thread on sexual harassment?

    When making this thread, there is that feature that shows similar threads. Wow. Bill O'Reilly was first hit with a sexual harassment suit back in 2004. How time flies. It only took Fox 11 years to fire the guy. Now, every guy who bared his wee-wee is getting run out of town. I have a few concerns about this. We have a court and legal system which was designed to handle disputes between parties. There are civil courts to handle issues where a law may not have been broken, but damage occurred. Finally, there are statute of limitations to these laws and injuries and those statutes exist for a purpose. So, my concern is that laws have been replaced with vigilante justice. A woman makes a public accusation and her accuser faces discipline from his employer and from the public mob. This seems to circumvent our criminal justice system. I understand there are reasons it occurred as it has. However, I am not entirely convinced that it makes it right.

    First, there is a funny quote some French guy said. When asked about making unwanted sexual advanced on women he replied something like; how would I know they were unwanted if I didn't make them? The point is simple, but sheds a bit of social truth here. Guys do weird stuff to get a woman's attention. Sometimes, it goes too far and sometimes the advanced are well-received. In other words, not all sexual harassment is the same.

    Let me take two real examples to point this out. I'll use two Democratic politicians so there can be no argument of bias. However, let's look at Al Franken and John Conyers. Franken has been accused by several women of reaching out and touching their boobs. Crass. Harassing in a way. However, he was not accused of raping anyone. He was not accused of demanding sex for a job or of using his position to coerce women to sleep with him. He made some unwanted advances and the comedian tweaked with a woman who was sleeping. I'm not saying he shouldn't apologize. I am saying some of these issues to be brought up years later (or in the case of the sleeping woman) 10 years later and for none of the women to have tried him legally or civilly, I just don't think what he did she be subjected to some sort of witch hunt. On the other end of the spectrum appears to be Conyers. He went beyond anything Franken did as he used his position to coerce women into accepting his crude behavior. He has been accused of things which could be considered real crimes. But, by publicly outing both men and putting them in the same boat of sexual harassers two things happen. Franken's behavior is seen as something more vile and wicked than it really is and Conyer's behavior is does not look as heinous as it should. In a sea of harassers, the mild and the outrageous all get treated pretty much equally.

    This is why these processes need to be redirected to the justice system. Rather than stupid #metoo hashtags, maybe Congress needs to create an a better Ethics committee to properly deal with criminal behavior from Congressmen. Perhaps, the Justice Dept needs to offer better oversight of local police who choose not to pursue sex cases. Maybe, some of these women should be suing the police where their cases were summarily dismissed or go after companies where their complaints were ignored. My point is that these cases need to be pursued through the justice system. Where the statute of limitations has expired, sorry. Something being hard isn't a valid excuse to avoid protecting yourself and it is not a valid excuse to allow the statute of limitations to expire.

    Here is my prediction. Just as women can gain public sympathy, they can also gain public scorn. It will take just a few cases where women have been found to have made false allegations or exaggerations to bring this whole thing crashing down and put women right back where they were before. However, if things are handled through the courts, then it won't matter. Crimes should be punished on a case by case basis in a courtroom and the lack of public overreaction will provide less reason for an overcorrection later.
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