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    Re: Theistic beliefs are not rationally justified

    Quote Originally Posted by Squatch347 View Post
    Why do you think that the value is 1 across the board? Do you mean it is 1 now because the values have already been determined?
    No, it means that we have exactly one universe that exists, and this one universe has constants which are favourable to life. So 1 total outcome, and one favourable outcome. I've yet to see any support for the claim that the constants could have been different, which would be required for any arguments about the probability of the constants being what they are in our universe.

    Quote Originally Posted by Squatch347 View Post
    None of the premises claim that this universe is optimized for life, right?
    Doesn't that kinda follow from your even bringing up the fine-tuning argument as a defence of your belief in god? If the universe appears to have been finely-tuned for the production of black holes, if anything at all, then it would not serve as support for belief in the Xtian deity.

    Quote Originally Posted by Squatch347 View Post
    These two statements appear to be ontologically identical. Would life exist without matter formation? No. Does matter formation allow life? Yes. How is that meaningfully different?
    "Necessary for life" seems to imply that life is the goal. Is life (human life) the goal of why you think the universe was finely-tuned?

    Quote Originally Posted by Squatch347 View Post
    I think you are using the term finely-tuned incorrectly here. You are using it with an inferrence towards intent.
    Again, as an argument supporting a belief in god, the intent is kinda key. Otherwise, we can conclude that the universe appears finely-tuned for black holes and leave it at that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Squatch347 View Post
    I thought you wanted to stick to one argument at a time?
    When did I say that?



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