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    Re: Is the Trump presidency that bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    As am I.
    So, you are claiming your opinions of the NN are objective?

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    Not true, there have been many accounts on practically a weekly basis for a year on his ignorance. Iím surprised this is even debatable.
    You may BELIEVE he is ignorant and you may have reasons to believe this, but it is still just a belief and not an objective fact. That you believe your opinions are not biased is hilarious. Am I supposed to rebut that?

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    Maybe you need to look up what a fact is vs an opinion. If someone doesnít know something he is by definition ignorant of that information. Thatís not subject to debate or opinion. Itís about a shared world of factually reported happenings and tweets.
    IF someone does not know something. You are now an expert on what Trump knows and does not know? You are inside his head? His tweets and actions are all subject to interpretation.

    Quote Originally Posted by SharmaK View Post
    Meh. As I pointed out heís an awful man but the country is being protected by our wonderful checks and balances. Heís not going to be able to inflict all the doom and gloom some have been projecting.
    The same checks and balances which protected us from Obama, Bush, Reagan, so on and so forth. Being an awful person does not mean awful president. He could simultaneously be the worst human being ever and the best U.S. president ever. If one were to look at his work objectively. It is clear you cannot or will not. Furthermore, as I have pointed out, you are basing his success through the prism of your own views and opinions. So, he could be a fabulously successful president, but you'd call him a failure because he didn't succeed the way you want him to succeed (see our discussion of NN).
    The U.S. is currently enduring a zombie apocalypse. However, in a strange twist, the zombie's are starving.



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