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    Re: Who Gets to Choose?

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Apisa View Post
    Thank you, PGA. Of course you are free to use whatever term you want for whatever reason you want. I was merely sharing my considerations of the term "The Unborn." To me...it does sound like the title of a horror movie. I much prefer to call a zygote, a zygote...and a fetus, a fetus. To do otherwise, in my opinion, is to disguise (for various reasons) what is being discussed.

    I am saying a human zygote is a human zygote.

    It is.

    I am not indulging in illogical thinking...I suspect that you are. I don't have to...I have no agenda at stake in this issue. Whether or not the zygote or fetus is other than just a zygote or fetus...it is being hosted in a living human's body as a pregnancy...and in my opinion, no matter what else the zygote or fetus may be, the person bearing that pregnancy has the right to terminate it...without interference from you or the government.

    You, on the other hand DO have an agenda that requires severely illogical thinking. You must make the zygote or fetus into a human being...and you must then posit a god that requires you to defend that human being under penalty of eternal punishment.

    I'm not asserting, as you are, that illogical thinking is happening. But I am asserting that if you are correct that it is happening...YOU, not I, are the one doing it.

    I am not confusing anything. I am saying that the zygote or fetus is growing in the body of a living human being as a pregnancy...and if that living human being want to terminate that pregnancy, she should be able to do so without you requiring that she not.

    I doubt we will reach agreement on this, Peter. Your need to do what you suppose your god requires of you in this regard prevents you from yielding to the obvious. A pregnant woman who decides to end her pregnancy...should have the right to do that without interference from you or the government.
    Please post this on the abortion thread, Frank!



    PS. I don't have to use a biblical supported argument although the biblical principle is there. Abortion is wrong, except when the woman's life is threatened and there are no other options because if the woman dies the unborn dies also.



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