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    Re: Gun Control and your stance

    Quote Originally Posted by Mindtrap
    What kind of Mass killings are you trying to talk about? Is it just school shootings, or public shootings?
    Are we talking about gang shootings?

    Is there a reason you don't want to include family killings in your argument?
    I include all these things in my argument, because my argument is that the rate of gun violence in the US is embarrassingly high. Mass shootings are just a byproduct of poor regulation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mindtrap
    Well, the kind of shootings seem to matter in regards to what kind of law is going to address it.
    I don't see how this is even remotely true.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mindtrap
    For example, a family killing isn't going to be stopped by a gun registry, because for the most part family guys who lose it and kill their family probably purchased the gun legally to begin with.
    We may as well be trying to stop family stabbings of the same nature, or family arson.. which apparently is a thing.
    No one is saying that all gun violence will end with a gun registry. The simple fact of the matter is, when you have greater restrictions/barriers in place for ownership of a device, less ownership will ultimately occur than otherwise. Family killings will unquestionably be reduced because it will be more difficult to acquire a gun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mindtrap
    That is very different then gang shootings, which in turn are different than the kind of school shootings we have seen.

    Am I wrong? Do you think that all shootings are inherently the same and can be fixed in the same way?
    I fully agree that the issue is complex. I don't think there will ever be a magical legislation that eliminates gun violence forever. People will always try to circumvent the law. That doesn't mean we shouldn't have laws. What we do know is that placing restrictions on the ownership of weapons will reduce the ownership of weapons. This in turn will reduce the incidences of gun violence across the board.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mindtrap
    Well, lets assume for a moment that your correct. The problem is what works for them may not work for us. We can see that in our own states as there are plenty of states with very strict laws that have higher rates of gun violence, then ones with less strict gun regulation.
    There is also the matter of enforcement. Squatch highlights this in his participation rate example.
    One of the problems with our system is the breakdowns in communication and poor record-keeping between federal and state agencies, which hinders enforcement. Something that would be improved with a national, digital registry.

    Should we not at least try to learn from other nations' gun control policies and try to implement our own version? I get that it won't be exactly the same, but the line "what works for them might not work for us" shouldn't be used as justification for maintaining the status quo.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mindtrap
    Finally, I don't see the mechanics that connects the law to the outcome. I mean, what about the state knowing who has what gun, prevents any of the shootings we have seen?
    Guns that are stolen aren't going to be fixed by it, and guns that are purchased legally aren't going to be effected by such a law. ... So what is the law doing, because that is pretty much the extent of the possibilities.
    Again, we're not going to magically solve gun violence forever in one bill. It is not reasonable, however, to hold the position that unless we can completely resolve gun violence, that we should not implement any measures to limit it. This is seemingly your position, unless I have missed something.



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