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    Republicans - masters of the made up nonsense investigation - Spygate


    "How cocktail party chatter led a Trump ally to claim a 'deep state' conspiracy

    A seemingly impromptu suggestion at a cocktail party in 2016 -- that Hillary Clinton's deleted emails were circulating among the intelligence community and the Trump campaign might be able to get hold of them -- has irked former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo for years, he said.

    Now, Caputo believes the mention of those emails by a government contractor -- and that person's advice that the Trump campaign pursue sources in the US intelligence community for opposition research on Clinton -- was part of a government conspiracy to entrap members of the Trump campaign."

    From the contractor:

    "This is insanity."

    "I made no offer. I did not entice these people. I just made a cocktail party statement that is now conflated into 'I am a spy,'" the contractor said.

    "There's a lot of DNI and NSA lower level folks that may be open to 'leaking' a copy. Maybe even FBI. Just a thought," the contractor said in mid-May, adding, "The Clinton Global Initiative emails are not 'classified'. So no issue there."

    "Breitbart article today claiming the NSA has all of Hillary's emails -- including the 'deleted' ones concerning her quid pro quo when SecState for her family foundation. Suggest Trump people comb the contractors in Annapolis Junction -- suspect you'll get a friendly ear there by some with copies to give."
    The contractor reiterated that they aren't classified, "so no legal issues to make public once received."

    "This is just really, really overblown," the contractor told CNN. "I made no offer. I had no possession. I said, 'Do your own math here.'"

    As it stands its a case of gossip and hearsay:

    "The contractor recounted hearing about the emails in the first place, which took place during a meeting with a business contact near the Fort Meade military compound in Maryland.
    The contractor expressed incredulity that the government had not recovered Clinton's deleted emails, saying something like "You've got to be kidding me that you guys can't find these emails," the contractor recalled.
    The business contact "basically alluded to me, yeah, and they're even worse than you guys think," the contractor said."

    In this thread I will be looking for evidence that this contractor was indeed an operative and/or that the conspired purpose of his operation was to entrap members of the Trump campaign.

    Conspiracy theories and speculation are what Caputo and the President are spewing so they have no place in this thread. They will we ignored and I will ask that the moderators delete them.
    "Real Boys Kiss Boys" -M.L.



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