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    Discrimination Based On Political Affiliation

    The following op is effectively a continuation of this thread, inexplicably closed by a certain moderator: http://www.onlinedebate.net/forums/s...e-or-Maintain?

    White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders was recently refused service at a restaurant named Red Hen because the employees and management don't like her political affiliation.

    Another example of a business refusing service based on the customer's political affiliation: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news...p-republican-/

    And there are likely many instances that don't readily appear in an internet search.

    Should this be considered acceptable behavior for business owners and managers? Should public pressure be the only mechanism to discourage the practice? Or should discrimination on the basis of political ideology be legally prohibited?

    "Tribalism" is frequently used today as a description of how people of the world are becoming more divided, rather than united. Progressive economist Robert Reich described American tribalism this way:

    ...America’s new tribalism can be seen most distinctly in its politics. Nowadays the members of one tribe (calling themselves liberals, progressives, and Democrats) hold sharply different views and values than the members of the other (conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Republicans).

    Each tribe has contrasting ideas about rights and freedoms (for liberals, reproductive rights and equal marriage rights; for conservatives, the right to own a gun and do what you want with your property).

    Each has its own totems (social insurance versus smaller government) and taboos (cutting entitlements or raising taxes). Each, its own demons (the Tea Party and Ted Cruz; the Affordable Care Act and Barack Obama); its own version of truth (one believes in climate change and evolution; the other doesn’t); and its own media that confirm its beliefs.

    The tribes even look different. One is becoming blacker, browner, and more feminine. The other, whiter and more male. (Only 2 percent of Mitt Romney’s voters were African-American, for example.)

    Each tribe is headed by rival warlords whose fighting has almost brought the national government in Washington to a halt. Increasingly, the two tribes live separately in their own regions – blue or red state, coastal or mid-section, urban or rural – with state or local governments reflecting their contrasting values.

    I’m not making a claim of moral equivalence. Personally, I think the Republican right has gone off the deep end, and if polls are to be believed a majority of Americans agree with me.

    But the fact is, the two tribes are pulling America apart, often putting tribal goals over the national interest – which is not that different from what’s happening in the rest of the world. http://robertreich.org/post/80522686347

    Courts often rule that anti-discrimination law should protect “immutable” characteristics, such as national origin and sex. Recently, advocates for homosexuals and "transgendered" have succeeded in persuading some courts and elected officials to expand the concept to include traits that are considered too important for an employer or business owner to expect any change. These include sexual orientation, using religion as an associated example as precedent.

    Discrimination on the basis of political ideology, whether in public service establishments, employment or housing, has a negative effect on the public welfare. It divides people and creates more animosity between those of different beliefs. Political beliefs are too important to an individual for a business, employer or landlord to demand change. Discrimination on the basis of political affiliation or ideology should be illegal in the United States.

    Recent scientific studies find that political ideology is, in large part, predetermined by an individual's DNA.

    If political ideology is predetermined by DNA, then it is an immutable characteristic, and should be given protected class status similar to race, religion and sex.
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