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    Re: It isn't Racist to...

    Quote Originally Posted by evensaul View Post
    Right, because as a typical liberal you think "racism" means whatever you want it to mean, and will apply where and when you think it should. It doesn't, and won't. Not in this thread.
    And as a typical conservative you think...blah blah blah...trolling conservatives...blah blah blah.

    Quote Originally Posted by evensaul View Post
    No, common sense would say use the actual meaning of the word, the real definition, instead of what your leftist culture tells you it should mean.
    If you are saying that I am not using an accurate definition of "racism" please support that assertion.

    Quote Originally Posted by evensaul View Post
    Doesn't it depend on the specifics of the situation? Doesn't it depend on whether the person saying that believes that all black people are inferior? For example, if a Nigerian immigrant comes here and rips off American taxpayers through medicaid fraud, would it be racist to say "Go back to Nigeria"? I don't think so.
    Which doesn't address my scenario. I'm talking about a born white American telling a born black American "Go back to Africa" so bringing an immigrant into it is not addressing what I'm saying.

    Quote Originally Posted by evensaul View Post
    Now I'm not saying there isn't any racism in this country. There is. But something isn't automatically racism just because the Left says so. And your blanket statement above is a perfect example.
    But then you misstated my argument (it's not about immigrants but born Americans).

    So again, do you disagree that a White American telling a Black AMERICAN to "go back to Africa" is racist? If you don't take an oppositional position to the notion that it is racist, then this position stands as unchallenged.



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