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    Re: Silence on the Right

    Quote Originally Posted by MindTrap028 View Post
    I would caution against such a thing. For the same reason the founders created a republic and not a strait democracy.

    It still surprises me how well the founding documents were written. Obviously our type of gov't is not without major flaws, but our founders ideas of gov't have served us pretty well even thru massive societal changes. They were quite wary of an actual democracy, and I think for good reason.

    With regards to mainstream republicans (which I don't really consider the "right" or conservative)being hypocrites and being mind numbingly dumb at times, well ya. These are human traits that all humans suffer from to one degree or another. Just as some liberals claim the Clinton's (for instance) aren't even capable of doing wrong, republicans will also seek to spin a given story in it's best possible form.

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    Re: Silence on the Right

    The threads not going off the rails here. Please stay on subject and your side's rampant hypocrisy.
    "Real Boys Kiss Boys" -M.L.

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    Re: Silence on the Right

    Quote Originally Posted by MindTrap028 View Post
    I don't think that is how it would work. I mean, that isn't how it works with regulations and laws, where we are a nation of laws and not of favoritism. Especially in regards to a security risk issue.
    Tell that to the guy who refuses to listen to his security advisors and change his phones.


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