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    Re: The soul does not exist

    Quote Originally Posted by Belthazor View Post
    I said if the soul exists it would not be:
    "departing from what is usual or normal". Since all humans would have a soul, it would be incredibly common....
    Not sure what you are trying to say here. Are you talking about a different reality where the physical body does not die? We’ve been talking about the phenomena of observing the soul departing the body when the physical body makes its transition.

    A large group of top scientists personally witness a soul/spirit leave, float way, from a human deceased body. It’s captured on video. They all see it and watch it a 100+ times to make sure they were not dreaming."

    You have further described a soul as:
    "I am also not aware of any natural laws that explain, let alone recognize the spirit of anything in the natural world; nor am I aware of any current natural laws that explain ghosts floating in the air [NASA might be interested in this knowledge]; or ghosts walking through walls [law enforcement agencies could greatly benefit from this know-how, let alone anyone caught in a fire]; nor am I aware of any natural laws that explain how ghosts can punch a human in the face, given that they have no physical body. [This skill set could be very handy for some military operations.]
    That is not describing the properties of the soul. Again, my comment is referring to an observation of what a soul can do.

    But if we want a working definition /description of the soul, here you go:

    1: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life
    2a: the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe
    B capitalized, Christian Science : GOD SENSE 1B
    3: a person's total self
    4a: an active or essential part
    b: a moving spirit : LEADER

    Sounds like a reasonable conclusion since you just said souls were not visible??.....
    The soul is not visible to most people. But some people, as I stated earlier, can and have experienced seeing a soul leave a deceased body.

    If the future could actually be known, then free will does not exist in any practical sense.
    The future or prophecy as seen by the prophets is not set in stone. We see this in the Bible and other religious text. Prophets/seers see the probabilities. Probabilities are subject to change.

    The principle of a spiritual body versus a natural body is found in most of the world major religious text.
    “There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.” Corinthians 15:44
    Perhaps, but the more likely story is just like it sounds:
    "look but do not see"
    Or perhaps the more likely story may be that science one day will discover that the spiritual realm sustains the material domain.

    Your link does not support your point.
    I think my point is that QM shows that “Observation Affects Reality” which is the title of the article.

    I don't think we do. QM does not work on very larger objects.
    This is not known yet:

    "The right answer is, we don’t know. The reason is that, although most physicists believe that large objects (including you, me, and the Sun) all behave quantum mechanically, the predicted effects are much too subtle to have been observed with current technology."

    Meanwhile, I think it’s interesting to experiment with our own personal reality and see what we can change/affect that we want to change.
    "The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.” --"The Mental Universe” | Nature
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