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    Tucker tucked out on taxes

    People have have heard about a Dutch historian, Rutger Bregman, who recently attended Davos (a conference for the rich) where he called out his rich hosts for being hypocrites for pretending to care about the poor whilst fighting the real solution to the problem: that of higher taxes.

    He was then invited to interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News. For those that don't know Tucker Carlson is right-wing host who specializes in bringing on liberals and making them look bad with a combination of trying to catch them in lies, fake ignorance and general bullying. However, when Bregman was invited, he brought the same message, accusing Carlson of being a millionaire under the direction of billionaires to avoid the discussion of taxation. It basically ended with Carlson telling Bregman to "go F*** yourself. (more here)

    Now we know, for those that don't believe it, that Fox news is the mouthpiece of the rich to ensure that its viewers are more angry about (non-white) foreigners rather than examining why they can't afford medical care or food; and particularly the best way to solve their impoverishment.

    So, what is a fair rate? Some say that the 70% - 90% marginal rate was a fair one that provided a boost to the country during the post WWII period. Or how about we ensure that companies all pay their actual fair share? It was recently reported that Amazon paid zero taxes for the second year in a row! Maybe if we solved these issues, we would have money to do whatever the country needs for education and medical care; or better still solve the energy and global warming issues.


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    Re: Tucker tucked out on taxes

    Here are my thoughts:

    It seems quite clear that income inequality is extreme and has recently gotten worse with the latest round of tax cuts which were a windfall for the wealthiest and apparently has raised taxes on those who aren't so rich. This is pretty much funneling money from the not-wealthy to the wealthy.

    I think it's a valid moral premise (which I will assume that all who don't challenge this premise generally agrees with it) that those who work full-time or are willing but unable to work full-time (such as disabled people) deserve to attain the basics of a comfortable living - enough food, shelter, and healthcare to suit their needs. And it's pretty clear that many who do work full-time don't earn enough to afford the basics.

    So clearly, one way or another, we need to get the working people what they are entitled to. And I'm not going to go into specifics on the best way to do that but it seems pretty clear that it's going to take money to do that. Whether it's by ensuring that their wages are high enough so they can afford the basics or by government programs (like universal health care) doesn't really matter to me. I'm for whatever works the best. But regardless, it's going to take some money and it's pretty clear that the money should come, at least in part if not to a large extent, from the wealthiest people and companies.

    I don't know enough to say what the appropriate tax rate should be but our tax system should be more progressive than it is now.

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    Re: Tucker tucked out on taxes

    The devil is in the details.

    But my basic ethos is this, you tax the economy by taxing the money that represents it. As the money moves, you take a share for the public good and spend that as best you can.

    The bigger the concentration of money, the more you tax it to encourage it not to concentrate quite so much.

    When you spend money, try to find a balance for encouraging economic activity and ensuring a decent life for as many people as possible.

    But ultimately there are some fundamental challenges.

    1. People are almost never fully satisfied
    2. You will always make some people angry no matter what you do
    3. Some people are fundamentally and willfully bad for society and themselves
    4. All people are not equal in need or ability or attitude
    Feed me some debate pellets!

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