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    Re: Sentient Immatierial Spectral Vibrators Do Not Exist

    Quote Originally Posted by mican333 View Post
    I offered support for what I said after the original comment and you did not respond to it. So my support for "showing that" has not been rebutted and therefore stands until you do provide a rebuttal to it. Here is my argument again in its entirety.
    I didn't ignore it. I pointed out that it is irrelevant; it's all right there in my post. All you've done here to "rebut" it is deny that it is a cognitive experience (and accidentally imply that a person can have cognitive experience without possessing consciousness. In fact, orgasms are hugely active in the brain.), which is nothing like a rebuttal at all. Also, deferring to "what we know" IS deferring to the physical, given that the physical IS "what we know", so your objection on that matter is, unfortunately, trivial and unimportant to anything I've said.

    Anyway, here is my argument in its entirety again. Until you offer something beyond a "nuh-uh" response, or responses that fixate on meaningless trivialities, it stands.

    Consciousness is THE basis for all cognitive experience - no consciousness; no experience. Consciousness is the ONE thing we CAN be 100% certain exists. However, consciousness isn't fully understood, which means cognitive experience isn't fully understood; there is a gap in our understanding that may well be occupied by the SV (or something like it, or something not like it at all). A sleeping orgasm is a cognitive experience. It is possible that the non-physical SV interacts with the non-physical aspects of consciousness to produce the sleeping orgasm - it may well be the case that the physical aspects of the sleeping orgasm would not be possible at all without the SV. So to defer to our knowledge of the physical in order to show that it diminishes the likelihood of the non-physical is to claim to know BOTH the physical and the non-physical SO THOROUGHLY as to actually impact the likelihood of the possible contribution of the latter in the case of sleeping orgasms.

    NOTE: regarding the false charge of "Moving the bar" - A couple of concepts that would probably help in what's being talked about here are Proximate Causes, Ultimate Causes, Necessary Components, and Sufficient Components. You might not know much about these things (or maybe you do), but they are important to this conversation.



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