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    Angry Equal Rights for Whites

    Is anyone else white on this site as upset as I am that our own people have sold us out just to win elections and gain seats in political offices? I for one am furious to know that Habib from Saudi, or Iraq, or Iran or you get the point, can come to this country on a education visa and grant money for college paid by us and learn to fly planes into buildings, but I don't even qualify for the same oppurtunity simply because I am white. My congressman"s reply to this is that white people are more privileged. I guess this is based on the fact that less than 1% of the white population was actually rich enough to own slaves. Why should I have to suffer for these dumb peoples' mistakes? My ancestors came here from England as endentured servants, and I understand that they were treated horrible and dealt with subhuman conditions. In some cases they wished they had been sold into slavery because then you were considered an asset and therefor treated better because you were an investment. This has been evidenced by the fact that slaves were provided with medical attention and fed well where as an endentured servant was an unneccesary expense because you would be released eventually anyway so no one really cared if you died or not. This does not make slavery tolerable by no means this is just an example that white people do not have the same oppurtunities as a member of a minority group does. It also frosts my butt that it is the descendants of the less than 1% of rich people that owned slaves are the same ones deciding for us to clear their conscience, to lower the standard cirriculum of education just to make way for integration. So this means me as a white person would have to have a fairly large income if I wanted to send my children somewhere that offers a higher standard of education. Hay, I'm all for equality, when I see that it applies to everyone. I think everyone that is in this country should have access to the same educational oppurtunities as anyone else. We can start by closing all the borders and pulling out of Iraq, ( the melting pot was a great idea but let's perfect what we have now before we try to solve all the global issues) and take that money we are wasting there and get everybody here educated 1st. My parents could not afford college for themselves or me or my brother. My job of 10 years went to Mexico. Now I am feeling the effects of affirmative action and free trade. How will my 2 children receive quality educations. Does anyone care about them? Maybe this fact will make you sleep better. If all the countries in the world decided to place sanctions against us we would starve to death because our agriculture and our industry has went overseas. Enough is enough. It's time to take care of our own country's citizens and to hell with everyone else for now. Someone prove to me that my kids are more privileged than anyone that is a member of a minority group and I will shut up. Until then I hope you all don't mind my ranting as I seem to have found a place that I can vent my anger and dissappointment in our nation's front people.

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    Equal Rights for Everyone!?

    Although I do not agree with your "white" perspective and find the tone of your post a bit angry....

    Can I get you to agree that for US citizens skin color should be no basis for deciding whom receives any special consideration...That a minority kid from the upper East Side of New York who attended private schools his whole life should not get preferential treatment over a caucasian kid reared in desparate poverty and broken down schools in Appalachia?

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    yeah......I agree ....it's tough being white in America.......

    Why should I have to suffer for these dumb peoples' mistakes?
    I'm curious. How have they made you suffer?

    *sidenote* Your congressman "told" you that you could not get a grant to fly airplanes into buildings? You asked him that?......*g*

    Hay, I'm all for equality, when I see that it applies to everyone. I think everyone that is in this country should have access to the same educational oppurtunities as anyone else.
    I have a few black friends that felt that way in the 1950's. I remember "whites only" bathrooms. I'm sure their (my slightly older friends) kids and even grandchildren haven't been hamstrung in anyway though...........

    We are/will be/always have been the "great melting pot".....that is what made this country and is what has kept it strong. I have a good friend, a fellow MA, and his parents are from India, but he was born here. He found out it's better for him not to debate the war with any caucasions who are for it.
    My ancestor's came over and started and ended with being poor dirt farmers....my dad couldn't read or write. Heck, I lived in a nearly all black city and most of my friends dads could read and write. My pa still made more money at the mill though...........................yeah.....it's tough being white in America..................:O)



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